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Casee Wilson nominated for Yorkshire Gig Guide Awards

I'm thrilled to announce that I have been nominated in two categories for the Yorkshire Gig Guide Awards: Outstanding Artist and Outstanding Songwriting!

I'd be incredibly grateful if you could vote for me. The link is:

Closing date is the 6th July…

Thank you so much! x

VOTE Inge to Concert at SEA!!!

Dear friends, fans and music lovers.

I have the chance to play at a 50.000 visitors event called 'Concert at Sea'. I am one of 5 finalists, and all I really need now is AS MANY VOTES possible. You can help me by going to this site and click on the like button below the video.. that's all!!

I can use as many likes as possible.. so feel free to share with everybody who has a Facebook account!!!!

Thanks so much!!!




Hi folks!

I'm new here so wanted to say hello. MY name is GP, and I'm from Rochester NY. MY project is Crosseyed Miles, and I range from Rock to Pop & Country. Please check out the three tracks I uploaded, and stop by to say hi! :)

THESE ARE THE RULES by Clive Barratt in CBC Radio Contest

Unsure about the genre? Well, what's the message? Rebelion-rock? Protest-pop? Anti-authority-indie? Subversive-singing? A song with attitude? Does it say what you've wanted to say all along? Listen to THESE ARE THE RULES by Clive Barratt. You decide where this song stands. If you like what it says, you make sure it gets played by VOTING for it in CBC Radio's SEARCHLIGHT (On The Coast) CONTEST. Vote everyday until Sunday, April 6th.


PLEASE VOTE for me & my song THESE ARE THE RULES, on CBC Radio's SEARCHLIGHT Contest ("Vancouver - On The Coast" region) -

On the voting page, you can save time by typing "Clive Barratt" in the search box. My name will pop up after just a few letters.

140 artists are entered in Vancouver's "On The Coast" region. Of those, 20 will survive Round-1. Only with your help, will I have a chance of getting through to Round-2.

You can vote once a day, everyday until Sunday April 6th, when Round-1 ends.


TalentCast on mobile devices

Johan Jongerius
Nowadays more than 50% of our visitors are using mobile devices, like mobile phones and tablets. That percentage will only grow in near future.

When you are not at home and cannot use Wi-Fi, Internet connections are often rather slow and using data is quite expensive. For that reason we have made a lot of changes in our website last year. Visiting our website nowadays takes way less data than a year ago.

We won't bother you with a lot of technical details about that, but a nice example are the YouTube players on our website. In the past, for every video a complete YouTube player was downloaded by your PC / mobile device from YouTube. These players are now replaced with a picture of the video. Only when you click on that picture, the player will be downloaded from YouTube and the video will start to play.

This week we added a link to listen to TalentCast with your mobile device for when you are not at home and cannot use Wi-Fi. It's the button with the picture of a mobile phone in the right top corner. When you click on that button, most mobile devices will start to play directly. If not, you can try one of the free Stitcher apps. One of the nice advantages of the app is that it will inform you when a new edition/episode is available.

Using the button for mobile devices to listen to TalentCast uses 4 times less data than listening to our podcast in low sound quality (128 kbps) and even 8 times less than listening to our podcast in high sound quality (256 kbps). Listening this way to a complete edition of TalentCast, takes most of the times less than 15 MB! From now on our flash players show how much data you will use when you listen to the complete podcast.

All our previous podcasts are also available for your mobile device. You will find them in our archive.

Our podcast was already since the start of TalentCast available in the iTunes directory. Since this week our podcast is also available in the directories of Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

We (still) don't use mobile devices ourselves, so your experiences are very welc

My Single is now #3 on the charts ! yay !

I am happy to announce that my single "I Can't Wait" has been included in the latest edition of TalentCast, together with a lot of other special music! The programm is already available on thier website iTunes and several podcast websites. The programm will also be broadcast on 4 radio stations: Ede FM ( in the Netherlands, Universe Radio ( in the Netherlands, Fame Music Radio ( in South Africa and Freedom Choice Radio ( in the United States.

Please listen to the program where you can can vote for me in their Song of the Week competition where listeners vote for their favorite track.There is no need to log in or to be a member of TalentCast in order to vote. You can just give the link

These are our broadcast times (CET/GMT +01:00):

Fri: 23:00 - 00:00 on Ede FM Sun: 00:00 - 01:00 on Ede FM Sun: 13:00 - 14:00 on Fame Music Radio Sun: 20:00 - 21:00 on Universe Radio Mon: 02:00 - 03:00 on Freedom Choice Radio Mon: 17:00 - 18:00 on Ede FM Tue: 15:00 - 16:00 on Ede FM Wed: 00:00 - 01:00 on Ede FM

If you like my music please take a look at my SAB PRO

Hallo, just move about... :-)

Now I'm here:

Still alive and kicking...

Happy New Year for everybody!

With Best Regards


A Happy New Year 2014 & thanks for listening/supporting so far!! :-)

Best wishes & stay tuned for more.

Help LANA WOLF fund her new album on Sellaband

LANA WOLF has started a new Sellaband project to fund her new second album.

Please help this very good female singer and welknown radio voice in The Netherlands.

She worked in the past together with several big stars. Buy parts, you shall have no regret!

Lana Wolf ....

New artist ..on ..sellaband ....lana wolf .......


Ed the Cheesehead

New EP 'Never Grow Old'

You can hear tracks from my new EP on my Reverbnation page

And check out loads of other material which will be on the new album out next summer!

TalentCast is now broadcast 8 times a week on 4 radio stations

Johan Jongerius
These are our new broadcast times (CET/GMT +01:00):

Fri: 23:00 - 00:00 on Ede FM

Sun: 00:00 - 01:00 on Ede FM

Sun: 13:00 - 14:00 on Fame Music Radio

Sun: 20:00 - 21:00 on Universe Radio

Mon: 02:00 - 03:00 on Freedom Choice Radio

Mon: 17:00 - 18:00 on Ede FM

Tue: 15:00 - 16:00 on Ede FM

Wed: 00:00 - 01:00 on [url=]Ede FM[/

The "Mvet", traditional instrument, I play



Mvet , instrument assembly , solidarity , sharing , support , association ...

Instrument Association :

The Mvet instrument gives its name to the genre , the player of the instrument ...

The instrument ( Mvet ) combines many or almost every other percussion instruments in traditional culture in the region of the African equatorial forest in ( Fang Beti , Bulu Ntumu ) ... hence castanets bells, tam call tam drums ...

Their characteristic is to be instruments of background , ie instruments that support the basic rhythm given by the Mvet .

Instrument assembly :

Public present an evening of Mvet is not only spectator. This is a public witness and actor at the same time . Its primary role is to provide a chorus of voices supporting the singing storyteller ( player Mvet ) while still adorns his stories by voice.

This blend of bass and treble sounds instantly wife Mvet atmosphere with remarkable spontaneity , and strange, where each participant plays a precept of the partition that deserves deeper analysis.

Instrument of solidarity :

Each participant also integrates its beautiful or ugly it is voice , clearing a place in all but shoving the other. No other aspect does not express solidarity in the forest as the time of singing Mvet .

Sharing instrument :

The diversity of voices joins to create a harmonious symphony : "We never tire of listening to these songs of the past, as they are clear , simple and classic objectivity.

It is almost impossible to explain the character of the music Mvet , ignoring arguments that highlight the social.

The music player allows Mvet Mvet present some fundamental arguments and also lead the audience to the universe of the story.

This is an additional language to articulate speech . Its sweetness is a huge force that smashes all the doors of your body to conquer your m

New album "Elixir"

Just uploaded an extract from our new Album "Elixir", which will be released on October 9th on Amazon, Itunes, and all major download platforms. There's also a sneak preview on our Facebook fan page, just look for the player but