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You're so distant video

Rosa Sky
Hi, this week we're in the edition of Talentcast with our song "You're so distant" 

You can watch our video of this song on Youtube.


Website updates

Johan Jongerius
Hi all,

The summer break is almost over and just eight days to go until the next edition of TalentCast is a fact.

As you might have noticed, the website has changed quite a lot this summer. On our brand new forum you can read more about the updates.

Artists: If you have recorded one or more new songs this summer, welcome to upload them.

Of course also this season I love it to share the best independent music with my listeners.

new tunes

yo! i've just uploaded my latest tracks from my soundcloud account ( there's still plenty of summer left to enjoy these chilled instrumental funky disco vibes

I love analogue sound

Johan Jongerius
Yesterday evening I visited a gig of Writersday. He played a show in Groningen.

Last Friday he released his debut album Picking Flowers on the Moon and of course you could buy his new album there. The album is released not only as CD, but also as LP.

Buying LPs is not so uncommon anymore nowadays, but Writerday's LP is in my opinion. His album is recorded analogue on a 24 track tape deck at White Dove Records.

I listened to Picking Flowers on the Moon on my early 80s equipment (with even no CD button on my amplifier) and it sounded perfect and warm. It was very long ago that I really enjoyed a nowadays recorded album.

The songs have very nice arrangements. The genre varies from pop, to country and rock. You can get the album in Dutch record shops, at and iTunes.

These are our new broadcast times on Ede FM

Johan Jongerius
From now on we are 4 times a week on air on Ede FM, three times in the evening and once at day time, in prime time.

Friday at 17:00 and 23:00

Saturday at 22:00

Thursday at 22:00

This not THE promo! (video alert)

This happens if you leave your studio...knobs!

Well, curiousity killed the cat. Went out for a lunch after mixing and mastering the latest tracks. Someone (me), sneaked into my studio, sniffed around and touched my jewels! All captured (me) on tape. (me) Hit some forbidden bar and some song (from me) starts the wrong speed. Better not watch. Yet. Don't-do-it. Don't! Wait for the real one.

Text links: JoosTVD's studioknobs

Firesphere Looking for Keyboardist

Firesphere is now actively searching for a top notch professional keyboardist to join our epic cast of players. We are in heavy rehearsal right now preparing to take our debut CD live. Must have excellent equipment, serious chops and a desire to succeed. If interested contact Firesphere directly at


Alphakraft Communications

And MANY THANKS for let me be there in the Top-12-Voting-Charts for SONG-OF-THE-WEEK !

btw: I quitted releasing my own tracks for this year. Because there was to less feedback on SOUNDCLOUD.


Over N Out ...

New Nobility(Australian Band)

The next single from @newnobility will be released January 2016

Asian Girl - Spinnup …