No new edition of TalentCast on December 23

Johan Jongerius
Dear listeners,

Last week I got the flu, but anyway managed to make the programme. Most of the effects of the flu are gone by now, except one, I now have troubles with my eyes.

Some of you know already that I am visually impaired, my vision is about 10%. Because of the flu it's even less at the moment and I will need to rest my eyes some time.

I expect to be back on Friday the 30th. In this programme I will play at least two newcomers to TalentCast and maybe more. On this day also the results of the latest voting will be published on the website and announced in the programme.

For now - Merry Christmas to all of you and happy holidays.

about Yossarian CD

Yossarian Malewski
For all the Friends

On Mongrel Label www you find all my records.

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Johan Jongerius
From now on I will write so now and then some newsflashes about our artists on this page. If you have some news you want me to add here, you can contact me via this form.

After a long silence, Gabby Young is back again and will tour the UK, Germany and France the during upcoming time.

CATSELF posted a very nice video on YouTube for her latest recording Waiting Room. The people in this video are all from a different country. They met at Aalto University campus in Espoo, Finland.

Also The Crocked Monsieurs from London have released a video for their new single Pictures Of You.

The symphonic metal band Infinitus Mortus from New Jersey has just released a new album, titled Transmutations. Stephen Megna, the composer and initiator made again an album with some very nice compositions.

Also VanderLinde from Groningen, the Netherlands released a new double album. It's his sixth album already and it's titled Devil's Trails. You can order it via his Facebook page. In 2017 VanderLinde will tour to promote the album.

Aly Cook is again on the first position in the Australian Top 40 Country Tracks Chart. This time with her newest single Kimberley.

In 2011 John O'Leary, former of the band Mortice, recorded the album Mayhem together with Billy Rankin, Kenny Cobain, Steve White and Alan Shipman, probably you know some of these names. Currently John is looking for a new singer to record some new material.

Looking for a nice present for Christmas or for some nice music to listen to during Christmas? Katey Laurel has just released a limited double disc album, titled This Is Christmas. The album has some bonus tracks, is signed and numbered. You can order it via Bandcamp.

Leaving Richmond from Los Angeles got a good review for the EP The Antique Heart by Hypnagogue Reviews. We have played tracks from it it on TalentCast and in January we can expect a new album from Leaving Richmond. I am looking forward to hear it.

Excuses for my mistake when sending the last newsletter

Johan Jongerius
Yesterday I sent a newsletter in which I asked for your opinion about TalentCast. I forgot to insert the text which explains that it was a newsletter and how to unsubscribe for it. I realized my mistake after I sent the e-mail and didn't want to annoy so many people with a second e-mail. I am very sorry for my untidiness. Here you can read how to (un)subscribe to our newsletters.

For our members who are not subscribed to our newsletter, I am very curious to your opinion about TalentCast. Your feedback is very appreciated.

Thanks For Your Support And Votes

I want to thanks to each and everyone of my Music followers who voted for my song 'Hipnoteyes' on TalentCast 'Song Of The Week' and lead us to win the first spot. Always grateful for your sincere approach.

Moscato, New EP, "Adrift"

 Our new EP ,"Adrift" is out if Anyone likes our Music, Stream First and Listen , Cheers from Us in Australia.     Have as Great Christmas Everyone .

Thanks Everyone For Voting

Moscato would like to say Thanks for your Support, and for Listening to our Music, Cheers from Us in Australia. Keep supporting Artists, Everyone one needs Support, all the Best. :)

Kailyarder new songs

Kailyarders has submitted 3 new songs off our new CD, The Black Well. We hope you enjoy them.

Forever Plan is out now and available worldwide!

Enjoy Forever Plan on Soundcloud here:

Please #share #ForeverPlan on @SoundCloud : (Including bonus tracks)!

Album release?

Johan Jongerius
Artists, if you are releasing a new album independently in the upcoming time, you are welcome to host an album listening session on our website. This is a nice opportunity to share your upcoming album with your fans before it is released and to chat about it with your fans and friends.

If you are interested, we will need the songs and a picture of the album cover about two weeks before the listening session takes place. You can use our contact form for more information and to schedule an appointment.