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We start 2015 with only good news

Johan Jongerius
From now on TalentCast is broadcast on 2 FM/cable radio stations. Every Friday at 21:00 (CET) we are on FM, cable radio and the internet on Ede FM and on Deventer Radio.

From now on we are on air 11 times a week on 4 radio stations. These are our broadcast times (CET):

every Friday at 21:00 on Ede FM and Deventer Radio

every Friday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Saturday at 22:00 on Ede FM

every Sunday at 14:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Sunday at 21:00 on Universe Radio

every Monday at 17:00 on Ede FM

every Monday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Tuesday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Wednesday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Thursday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

Starting this week, you can also tune in via the app of Player FM.

This Sunday, January 4, you are welcome to join our 5th album listening session. Then we will host "North Sea", the second album of Ophelia Syndrome. It's a very nice album, I am sure you won't regret that you c

New Music video - Chasing After You

It's FINALLY here - our [The Koniac Net] BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO:

It was playing exclusively on Pepsi MTV Indies the past week, but is now available to be viewed globally.

From the imaginative & brilliant mind of Meren Imchen.

Please spread the word + SHARE + LIKE + COMMENT! Show the director some love... he deserves


I just want to say thank you to all the people that voted for me this time around. It was an honor to be competing with such talented artists and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

I also want to thank Talentcast for including me in the rotation so fast


Wall of Storms debut album by Clive Barratt now available on CD Baby

Listeners to TalentCast's radio show who have heard songs from "Wall of Storms", the 2014 debut album by Clive Barratt, may be pleased to know that it is now available on CD Baby.

Wall of Storms has 12 tracks, selling individually for $0.99 each; however, the full album is available for just $9.99.

This album will be also be available on numerous other music sites including iTunes over the next few days.

I wish every one of you a Merry Christmas!


the Koniac Net + Hornbill Music Festival feature...

What an honour it is to be featured & mentioned alongside great artists like Vinnie Moore (ex-Alice Cooper), Bon Giovi, etc. for the 2014 Hornbill Festival:

** The Morung Express: ** .

WHAT: Hornbill Music Festival & International Rock Contest 2014 :

WHEN: December 9th, 4:30pm :

WHERE: Kohima, Nagaland (I.G. Hockey Stadi

New LIVE studio video for VH1 Music Diaries

My [the Koniac Net] brand new LIVE performance of "the Ardent Companion That You Are" for Vh1 India's Music Diaries is finally on our YouTube channel:

** **

It was not previously viewable by any country other than India... but it is now!

So please click on the link above & Like + SHARE + COMME

Greece playing our music!

No matter how large or small a company or band is, being "Indie" is about supporting & respecting everyone... musicians, radio jockeys, bloggers, artists, film makers, etc. that believe in original, non-commercial, DIY music.

With that said, here is a new podcast by Sarra Pixie, on her DIY independent show, (My) Little Shop of Horrors (based in GREECE !!!!) :


The whole lot

10 JoosTVD albums on


Thanks for support and listen

LIVE performance with VH1

It's finally here!

My / the Koniac Net exclusive BRAND NEW LIVE studio performance of "the Ardent Companion That You Are" + brief interview for Vh1 India's Music Diaries!!!


Interview + feature by Melbourne's AUSTRALIAN MUSICIAN Magazine

Straight after playing at the VANS New Wave Music Festival...

We / the Koniac Net has been featured by Melbourne, AUSTRALIA's Australian Musician:

** **

Included is an interview I did with Greg Phillips as w

New broadcast times on Fame Music Radio

Johan Jongerius
From now on we are 6 times a week on Fame Music Radio

On Sunday at 14:00 (CET) and on Monday until Friday at 23

Nice to meet you!

Thanks to the crew guys for welcoming us and nice to meet you

New Gussie Miller single about to drop!

The new single from the long awaited Gussie Miller CD "Forever Plan" has arrived, and is about to be released worldwide!

The new single "Wantin You" features rappers We Are Skywalkers on an upbeat catchy tune that you'd expect from singer-songwriter Gussie Miller.

The song will be for sale first on Reverbnation and then worldwide s

New broadcast times on Ede FM

Johan Jongerius
Starting October the 5th, we get new and again better broadcast times on Ede FM:

Friday 9pm

Saturday 10pm

Monday 5pm (prime time)

At first sight, when you just look at the amount of times, you will perhaps think that these times are worse instead of better. Our program is now broadcast 3 times a week on Ede FM instead of 5 times. The change is that our program will now be surrounded by programs which attract more listeners.

Ede FM, thank you again for the many listeners and the nice broadcast times.

Be the way: Ede FM appreciates it a lot when they get nice tweets from our listeners.

The online times of our podcasts and the broadcast times of our other partners Universe Radio and Fame Music Radio stay the same. Thank you too for broadcasting TalentC

Ceilí Moss celebrates 20 years of Folkaos!

It was back in the autumn of 1994. A bunch of young guys from Namur who shared a love of Irish folk music started playing the "Drunken Danny Rover of the County Down in the Jar" in the pubs.

It is the autumn of 2014. After many adventures, Ceilí Moss is celebrating 20 years of Folkaos with a tour of Wallonia and Brussels.

Still true to their rabid folk-rock idiom, somewhere between The Pogues and Louise Attaque, hair in the wind and fingers in the plug, Ceilí Moss will make you laugh, cry, roar, drink, dance, raise your fist or clap your hands but won't let you remain sitting!

20/9: Namur

26/9: Liège

16/10: Wépion

31/10: Martelange

6/11: Brussels

22/11: Namur

28/11: Gembloux

More details: