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tKN on Apollo Night LA

Los Angeles' Apollo Night L.A. Radio Show has chosen us [the Koniac Net] to be featured on their show.

WHEN: Monday, March 9th. 7:00pm PST / 8:30am (IST).

Their site:

Twitter: @apollonightla

For those in L.A., you can call up live @: 323-965-1600.

So excited & honoured that they have chosen us to be played on their show.

join us tonight

Kailyarders are performing live on 90.1 fm at 8pm pst... come join us for a listen

2 the Koniac Net shows in BHUTAN

We [the Koniac Net] are playing TWO shows in BHUTAN this week.

1. MOJO PARK: February 18th (11:00pm).

2. Bhutan International Music Festival: February 19th (5:00pm).

** Festival main site: **

This is a FREE 10-day festival. No tickets need to be purchased.

GQ Magazine Feature (the Koniac Net + Bhutan Music Festival)

GQ India mentioned us [the Koniac Net] in this here article about the Annual Bhutan International Festival:

** **

This ‪FREE ‪‎music festival‬ is going to be INSANE. Those of you who haven't booked your flights as yet, you best do it soon, or you're going to regret missing it.

Also, we debut a BRAND NEW SONG on the 19th.

Bhutan International Music Festival CALENDAR

Ladies & gents,

For those of you planning on attending the Annual Bhutan International Festival​ this month (and I know there are already a number of you who ARE!), here is the EVENT CALENDAR:

** **

We [the Koniac Net]​ can't wait to play on the 19th.

If you haven't booked your flights, dhoo it... c'mon... dhoo it! It's a FREE festival afterall. See all of you there!

Bhutan International Music Festival is FREE

We [the Koniac Net] are going to be playing for the Annual Bhutan International Festivalon February 18th. This is a 10-day festival, and it's FREE FOR EVERYONE! No tickets being sold except for the Lucky Ali's Concert (Bhutan International Festival) show (proceeds go to charity). This is a sponsored non-profit festival, promoting music, art, film, etc. in Bhutan. ** Hence, book your flights NOW... you don't want to miss something this amazing: ** Thanks to a few of the sponsors: Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines + Radio Valley 99.9.

The Rock City Seven have arrived !

Your search is over! The Rock City Seven have arrived ! Stop Looking. You found us ! That is all. Return to your homes. [url][/url] [url][/url]

Love from the United States

I have NO idea how I missed this. MAD love from the United States:

** 1. We were featured by TalentWatch on their TV show, broadcasted on Dish Network, Comcast TV in Nashville, TN & Broadcast Channel 40 in the Metro-Detroit area !!! **

** 2. Also: Pennsylvania's Ben Cisco's World of Music blog has done a joint feature about The Koniac Net in their MUSIC UNDER THE RADAR VOL. 20 section:

New songs will be up soon

Our new electric songs are now in The Wisseloord Studios waiting to b mastered by Pier- Durk Hogeterp. Some songs will appear on Talentcast later

New Music Video featured on 3 sites

Within the first 4 days of 2015, our / The Koniac Net new music video "Chasing After You" has been:

** 1. Featured as VIDEO OF THE DAY on Germany's Find A Song: ** .

** 2. Featured on United Kingdom's Emerging Indie Bands / Tim Whale: ** .

** 3. Selected as EDITOR'S PICK by Ireland's Unsigned & Independent! ** .

If you haven't watched our new music video, do it... NOW! It's worth those 4 minutes of your t

UK featuring our Music video!

England, U.K's Emerging New Bands is now featuring our [the Koniac Net} new music video, "Chasing After You":

** **

Do check it out: LIKE + SHARE + COMM

We start 2015 with only good news

Johan Jongerius
From now on TalentCast is broadcast on 2 FM/cable radio stations. Every Friday at 21:00 (CET) we are on FM, cable radio and the internet on Ede FM and on Deventer Radio.

From now on we are on air 11 times a week on 4 radio stations. These are our broadcast times (CET):

every Friday at 21:00 on Ede FM and Deventer Radio

every Friday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Saturday at 22:00 on Ede FM

every Sunday at 14:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Sunday at 21:00 on Universe Radio

every Monday at 17:00 on Ede FM

every Monday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Tuesday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Wednesday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

every Thursday at 23:00 on Fame Music Radio

Starting this week, you can also tune in via the app of Player FM.

This Sunday, January 4, you are welcome to join our 5th album listening session. Then we will host "North Sea", the second album of Ophelia Syndrome. It's a very nice album, I am sure you won't regret that you c

New Music video - Chasing After You

It's FINALLY here - our [The Koniac Net] BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO:

It was playing exclusively on Pepsi MTV Indies the past week, but is now available to be viewed globally.

From the imaginative & brilliant mind of Meren Imchen.

Please spread the word + SHARE + LIKE + COMMENT! Show the director some love... he deserves


I just want to say thank you to all the people that voted for me this time around. It was an honor to be competing with such talented artists and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

I also want to thank Talentcast for including me in the rotation so fast


Wall of Storms debut album by Clive Barratt now available on CD Baby

Listeners to TalentCast's radio show who have heard songs from "Wall of Storms", the 2014 debut album by Clive Barratt, may be pleased to know that it is now available on CD Baby.

Wall of Storms has 12 tracks, selling individually for $0.99 each; however, the full album is available for just $9.99.

This album will be also be available on numerous other music sites including iTunes over the next few days.

I wish every one of you a Merry Christmas!