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Hallo, just move about... :-)

Posted by: Kattern (Artist on ReverbNation)

Now I'm here:

Still alive and kicking...

Happy New Year for everybody!

With Best Regards


A Happy New Year 2014 & thanks for listening/supporting so far!! :-)

Posted by: Jürgen Joherl (Artist on ReverbNation)

Best wishes & stay tuned for more..:-)

Help LANA WOLF fund her new album on Sellaband

Posted by: Freger65 (Believer on SellaBand)

Hi all Sellaband music fans and Lindy believers,

I hope you all knows that since Sellaband had changed the rules, there is a timeline for musicians to become their plan be successful.
As for Lindy her timeline ends on 31/08/2011. We as fan hope that Lindy her great dream comes true, so she can record her first full cd in the studio.

Only with help of fans and believers is this possible, to say it with the memorable words of a great man in history; Martin Luther King 'Yes we can'

So look in your pockets for 'small paper money or coins' and buy a part(s) of Lindy her plan.
All small parts make also a big one, be sure even for one part you will not regret it, see the plan. May we also count on you? Only together we can do it, 'Yes We Can'!

Lana Wolf ....

Posted by: Ed the Cheesehead (Believer on SellaBand)

New artist ..on ..sellaband ....lana wolf .......



New EP 'Never Grow Old'

Posted by: Darren J Claxton (Artist on ReverbNation)

You can hear tracks from my new EP on my Reverbnation page

And check out loads of other material which will be on the new album out next summer!

TalentCast is now broadcast 8 times a week on 4 radio stations

Posted by: Johan Jongerius (Crew of TalentCast)

This is a message from Second Person:

We are writing to inform you that Second Person will be taking an extended break from writing and performing and therefore we will be deactivating our SellaBand profile.

Having spent 8 years working together, the members of the band will be taking this time off to pursue a set of solo albums and film music scores.

The band remain close friends and will be collaborating with one another in the future. Irrespective of how long this break will be, we are happy to announce the upcoming official release of "Gone Fishing" and "Paper Umbrella" in the coming weeks. For all believers who would like a free copy of these songs they should email their believer name to: You will be sent a link and we will not store your email address unless you ask us to.

Julia will be recording her own solo (acoustic) album later this year.

Alvaro will be recording his own album as singer/songwriter and will be updating his MySpace profile in the coming months.

Mark Maclaine, under his producer name, will be re-joining SellaBand to produce his debut solo album with Tony Platt (Bob Marley, AC/DC, Iron Maiden etc) at the helm. This album will continue the style of his, and Second Person's work, and guests will include a number of $50k SellaBand artists including Cubworld, Lucia Iman, Ellie Wiliams, Daniel Ward-Murphy and Jenifer Delaney amongst others. More guests are being confirmed by the day but include The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Number 1 selling Portuguese artist and YouTube star Ana Free, UK Scratch Champion DJ Muzzle, DJ Natty, and well known hip-hop producers Syze UP and The Next men. Check out the new SellaBand profile for this project.

Second Person will always love you

Source: SellaBand

The "Mvet", traditional instrument, I play

Posted by: Abakuya (Artist on SellaBand)


Mvet , instrument assembly , solidarity , sharing , support , association ...

Instrument Association :
The Mvet instrument gives its name to the genre , the player of the instrument ...
The instrument ( Mvet ) combines many or almost every other percussion instruments in traditional culture in the region of the African equatorial forest in ( Fang Beti , Bulu Ntumu ) ... hence castanets bells, tam call tam drums ...

Their characteristic is to be instruments of background , ie instruments that support the basic rhythm given by the Mvet .

Instrument assembly :
Public present an evening of Mvet is not only spectator. This is a public witness and actor at the same time . Its primary role is to provide a chorus of voices supporting the singing storyteller ( player Mvet ) while still adorns his stories by voice.

This blend of bass and treble sounds instantly wife Mvet atmosphere with remarkable spontaneity , and strange, where each participant plays a precept of the partition that deserves deeper analysis.

Instrument of solidarity :
Each participant also integrates its beautiful or ugly it is voice , clearing a place in all but shoving the other. No other aspect does not express solidarity in the forest as the time of singing Mvet .

Sharing instrument :
The diversity of voices joins to create a harmonious symphony : "We never tire of listening to these songs of the past, as they are clear , simple and classic objectivity.

It is almost impossible to explain the character of the music Mvet , ignoring arguments that highlight the social.
The music player allows Mvet Mvet present some fundamental arguments and also lead the audience to the universe of the story.
This is an additional language to articulate speech . Its sweetness is a huge force that smashes all the doors of your body to conquer your mind.

New album "Elixir"

Posted by: Laïxa (Artist on MySpace)

Just uploaded an extract from our new Album "Elixir", which will be released on October 9th on Amazon, Itunes, and all major download platforms. There's also a sneak preview on our Facebook fan page, just look for the player button!

Picture Book - Lindy Waldeck - Release Sept. 30!

Posted by: Lindy Waldeck - Jazz&More (Artist on SellaBand)

Moderated by: Johan Jongerius (Crew of TalentCast)

On 30 September 2013 Lindy Waldeck's album Picture Book (fan funded through Sellaband) will be released.

Lindy's songs are about love, deceit, desire, memories, (grand)children, dreams and nigthmares, dancing, running and flying, and everything that just happens to you in life.

Her music covers many styles, a mix of jazz & pop, that she describes as Jazz & More .

Together with musicians Timber Povee, Tijn Wybenga, Harm Wijntjes and Philip ten Bosch she recorded her first album in 2013. Produced by Lindy and Joram Pinxteren (who also mixed & mastered the tracks).

Lindy's album Picture Book with 11 original songs written by Lindy will be released 30 September 2013, you can pre order the album through her website.

New Album "Moving On" Coming Soon...

Posted by: Jürgen Joherl (Artist on ReverbNation)

Busy re-editing & finishing latest tracks for the up-following will be again an album with about 16 original instrumental music of Jazz-Latin-Pop-Funk-Fusion flavors and I hope to can release the album soon...meanwhile, you can listen to 4 already selected tracks and even buy them already at ReverbNation or Nimbit >

To be continued & stay tuned for more..thanks!

Name Change for Pat Bateman

Posted by: Otis Kry (Artist on SellaBand)

Over the summer I had to change my name for a stage name - Otis Kry. The reasons are many but for the most part it's simple - When searching on the web for Pat Bateman one comes up with a gay porn star and a serial killer "American Psycho" fame - I'm neither one of those people. When in production of my third album "Coming Of Age" I decided to change my name so that the album would stand on it's own without confusion to our fans. Pat Bateman is now - Otis Kry.

Please feel to download a free sample, "Sunny" from "Coming Of Age"

Peace, Love - Otis Kry

Number one on ReverbNation R&B Soul -Canada

Posted by: Otis Kry (Artist on SellaBand)

Thanks to all my supporters, Otis Kry is number one with "Sunny" on ReverbNation R&B Soul Chart - Canada. Please "Like" often and pass on my link.

Peace, Love

Otis Kry

Ophelia Syndrome .....tour .....

Posted by: Ed the Cheesehead (Believer on SellaBand)

For your dairy ....... Ophelia Syndrome .... Tour ..

European Tour:
15 August 2013. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ‘Skek. Zeedijk 4. 9 pm. Playing with Dear Ellinor. Free Admission. 9 pm.
16 August 2013. Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. Muziekcafe de Hommel. Playing with Sarah’s Blue Dress. 9 pm. PWYC.
17 August 2013. Bonn, Germany. Details TBA.
19 August 2013. Den Haag, The Netherlands. Cafe September. Grote Markt 26. Free admission. 10 pm. Playing with Fantine Tho and Gisen. Facebook event page.
20 August 2013. Deventer, The Netherlands. Bierencafe de Heks. Brink 63. 9 pm. Free admission.
21 August 2013. Apeldoorn. The Netherlands. Bluescafe. Nieuwstraat 74a. Playing with Pants on Fire and Dear Ellinor. 5 EUR. 9 pm.


More info ...

Pre-orders of Casee Wilson's new album "Riptides" now available!

Posted by: Casee Wilson (Artist on MySpace)

I am thrilled to announce that my second CD, "Riptides", will be released on the 31st July 2013 and can be pre-ordered now!

Pre-ordering gets you a free mp3 or Drowning Ophelia, a new song from the album, as well as ensuring that you will have the signed CD in your hands by the 31st July! Early pre-orders also get a mention on the credits of the CD!

To pre-order, please go to:

Thanks Talentcast! Have a great day! xxxx

New songs posted on Sellaband

Posted by: Tom Savage (Artist on SellaBand)

I've been adding a bunch of songs to my music player on Sellaband, so please feel free to drop by my page and have a listen, and also take some time to leave a comment if you like what you hear.

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