new EP by Slinky & P'tit Loup

Slinky & P'tit Loup
On i-tunes, amazone, spotify and many more platforms you can listen or download our new EP "I'm With You". It has 4 tracks, 3 are the originals from our CD "Zone Bleue" plus the title song "I'm With You"

Release of Black Magic

Ac(e) G
The first song, Black Magic, to a new sound concept I use to call "re-plugged" is to be released on 5th of December. It's still strictly acoustic guitar, and fingerstyle technique but loaded like a rock guitar. 

Curious about your thoughts on that, and stay alarmed for the 5th!

Suffering From My Success

Shawn Adam Williams
I'M SUFFERING FROM SUCCESS! Someone tried to stop me, judge me, putting me in shame right now. I'm so tired of being myself. Please feel my pain. 

New single "Numbers" is out!!

Hi Music Friends,

WRITERSDAY's new single "Numbers' from our second album "Desert Songs" is out!

Motor City Woman Is Still Rollin'

Shawn Adam Williams
I want to thank everybody for playing my song; Motor City Woman. Please vote my song on TalentCast! 

'My Cure'

James Parkin
Following a successful battle against Cancer, despite having half my facial nerves severed in the process, I've recently released my debut album titled 'My Cure'.

I've uploaded a couple of songs from the album:

1. Will I Lose My First Love Twice? Co-written with Grammy nominee Annette Bjergfeldt at a song-writing retreat in Crete.

2. Lullabye - Written for my young daughter (and anyone that has trouble sloeeping or suffers from anxiety).

You can read and hear more at

Thanks for listening,


Thank you for voting for Winter of My Soul

Stefanie Black
Hello Everyone, thank you for choosing my song "Winter of My Soul" to be featured and voted for Song of the week.  I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy! For more of my music, please visit my YouTube Channel.

Thanks Stefanie Black

Thanks for my debut album review

Phillip Foxley
Hey everyone, I'd just like to say a massive thanks to Screaming Match Productions for the amazing review of my debut album 'I'll Try 'Till I Die'. This review makes the constant struggle to be heard all worthwhile and I'll treasure this always.

Support YouTube profiles, coming soon / Issue with web player solved

Johan Jongerius
Nowadays it happens frequently that musicians or bands who want to join TalentCast, are neither on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation or MySpace. But almost every musician/band has a profile on YouTube, that's why I started tonight with building in support for YouTube accounts too.

This is a rather big programming job, because I have to insert and to change code on quite many places on the website, but soon new members who solely have a YouTube account are welcome to join TalentCast too. Of course only if the music is suitable for our radio programme/podcast, or if you want to sign up as music fan.

For a long time we had an issue with our web player and download script. While streaming/downloading, you couldn't browse the website with the same browser. Yesterday I finally found the solution on how to solve it. Hopefully more people will vote again while listening to TalentCast. Every voting round ends on Monday evening at midnight.

Update Sunday 22: From now on also musicians/bands with a profile on YouTube can join TalentCast. Of course also as TalentCast member you can change your Bandcamp/SoundCloud/ReverbNation/MySpace account to a YouTube account if your prefer.

Members: If you want to switch, please contact me via this contact form.

New members are welcome to join here.

Music from JAii RyDa

Download or stream.  The Difference vol.1 by JAii RyDa

Thank you

Radio News

Slinky & P'tit Loup
Here are 2 links to podcasts of recent Radio shows with songs by Slinky & P'tit Loup:

It's Up To Us! - An Insightful Song Review

Phillip Foxley
I'm really touched by this review of my latest track 'It's Up To Us!'. The song has a strong, positive message about unity, understanding and freedom in today's world. Thank you!