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Telepathy posts 1st song ~ Watch Saturn

Hey Everybody at Talent cast!

I am Willow from Telepathy and so happy to say I've posted an acoustic song called Watch Saturn, featuring the amazing acoustic guitar work of Jeff Kalmar.

I hope you enjoy!

Rock On in Harmony!

Willow ~ Telep

Catch us LIVE for free! (Netherlands)

Hey friends!

Here's your chance to catch us LIVE for free:


PopAs Jubileum Festival, with 25 live bands and some DJ's in two days.


Mercurius Theater (grote zaal), Prins Bernhardstraat 1, 9402 AR, Assen (Netherlands).


This Saturday (24 November) from 21:00 to 21:30.

Saturday is the second day of the festival, and the doors will open at 19:00. The party finishes at about 2:30.

Entrance fee:

Nothing, just walk in :-)

Our setlist:

1. We in it together (Sellajam)

2. Kom op nou

3. Onzichtbaar

4. Reïncarnatie

5. I wonder why *new!*

6. Snelle Fellas

We hope to see a large crowd there, since we're gonna film the show. So, take your friends with you! :-)

We hope to see you there!

Take care, Snelle Fe

Laïxa on French Radio

Laïxa will be live on Radio Beaub FM Sunday 25th November at 11am for an hour of interview and music. You can listen on 89.0 FM in central France or on the internet: www.beaubfm.

Welcome on the new website of TalentCast

Johan Jongerius
What's new?

You now can become a member of TalentCast and log in to post messages and upload music files.

If you have news you want to share with the listeners of TalentCast, post it here. If you're an artist on Sell-A-Band and you want to advertise yourself here, go ahead.

Sending large music files to TalentCast is no longer a problem, because we have an easy to use upload page. After the upload your name including a link to your profile page on Sell-A-Band will be printed on our website. Of course we'll listen to your music and decide if we want to play it in TalentCast.

I'm not finished with developing this website, so you can expect more features in the near future.

Some other good news:

Because of the success of TalentCast, Sunshine LIVE decided to give us an hour extra airplay. On our home page, you can find out when we are on air.

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