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Thank You!!!

Thank you to everyone at TalentCast for choosing "Down On Your Luck" as part of your playlists today! A special thanks to Johan & John for your support my first ten days on SAB. Stop by & drop me a line any time to let me know what you think of the song(s) or just to say hi. I'm thrilled to be a part of TalentCast & look forward to meeting more of you here!!! Thanks so much for the support!!!


All of my new believers who buy 3 parts or more and all existing believers who increase their parts by 3, will receive a free CD, signed by me at their home address.

To double the speed of my account, Johan Jongerius has offered to increase his believe in me for every part you buy! If you buy 1 part, he will increase his parts by 1. If you buy 3 parts, he will increase his parts by 3.

Be fast, because this offer ends at the end of next Friday February 1 at midnight, so at Saturday 00:00 CET / GMT + 01:00.

I would like to thank Johan very much for doing t


we glad to try the TalentCast! we currently working in the studio, and just uploaded a preMaster of a track which is going to be on the record (shhh.. we havent oploaded it anywhere else).

If your in Denmark next wensday drop by The Rock were we´ll be playing a gig..

Have a nice wee

Hi You all!

All the best to the crew of talentcast! I'm glad You guys are doing this and to be a part of it:)


Just to say Hello :-)


My name is Grant Stevens and I´m pleased to meet you all here.

It´s exciting isn´t it?



Razor Edge Radio Fans Excited.

Hey all Gabriel James here Owner and sole worker on Razors Edge Radio. I am so happy to have gotten the oppertunity to play, a great quality show.

With our new broadcast of TalentCast, We are now what I consider International Radio. I have had a dream of getting a International program on that had the same dedication that I have to Indi bands world wide, And here it is.

Thanks to all the staff that has made Talentcast possiable. And I would like to thank thos who have worked so hard to get this great program on Razors Edge Radio.

Well back to work and hope to catch you all on the airwa
Razors Edge Radio

I'm in :)

I'm in - I'm so in to this now ;)

all the

Hiya Guys

Hey Beautifuls,

Happy to be apart of this.

Love always to you all and kisses to MissY and Johan XXXX

Mandyleigh Storm

Confused .clem

Hello to everybody out there,

Welcome to Talencast ,hope you find what you looking for and hope you love the music


All the very bestest

Hello - from Tim

Hi , this Tim from Civilized Tears.

I would just like to introduce myself and say a big 'hello' to everyone on here.

Sellaband has been a revelation for me and I hope that Talentcast can be as positive an experience.

Thank you ,

hey again

btw, Khabini was sung in the Arabic language :)

the band performs both English and Arabic songs.

cheers all,

Salam Ho

Hello everyone

i would like to thank you for the wonderful opportunity of including my song on your current playlist.

song uploads will be coming soon hopefully.

best regards from the whole band.


Salam Homoud


merry X mas

merry X mas for all here,

I ve just upload new songs , so everybody is welcome to hea

New Song Up!

Hi all,

Well, looks like this is another great opportunity for me to present some more of my music. Without further adieu, I give you "Chateauroux," a song of mine which integrates some of the French Language.

Hope you like it.

Marc Supsic


I'm listening guys....

Hearing fire works and some good mu
Casper & The Collaboration Project