Help CATSELF with 2 mouse clicks daily!!

You can help me so much for free! - and it will only take a few seconds a day.

I am raising a budget for my album on SellaBand. Currently I am No. 7 out of over 3000 artists registered.

I have been selected for a competition sponsored by SEAT. If I get enough votes by January 8th, SEAT will add 1000 $ to my budget.

Voting is daily but it takes just a few seconds, there is no registration... it's very simple - just go to the

SEAT website

and click on the red word STEM under my track and then on the fifth star. And then the same the next day... and the next... until January 8th, if you remember!

I know it is difficult and boring to remember something like this every day... so, if you vote for me regularly, please contact me by email or on SellaBand/MySpace and I will send you the song that is in the competition! I would like to give you something back for your trouble!

Two mouse clicks... help the cat... two mouse clicks... help the cat...

I will be grateful for every vote!

Thank you!!,


Let the galaxy invade your mind!

Thank you very much to the whole team at TalentCast for including "Eternauta" in the 112 playlist edition, it is such a honor to be here among very talented artists, beyond any vote i could get, i just wish that everyone can enjoy my music and travel with it in a constellation of sounds...hope you like it, put your spacesuit on and let the galaxy invade your mind!

Midnight Passion: Song of the Week

Hello everybody, we'd like to thank TalentCast for including our song in their weekly playlist once again! Please help us with your votes to become 'The Song of the Week'!

We'll be updating our website and MySpace with brand new information next week. Hope to see you around.

Sigma & Karla.

Official Site: EXoluta.COM

MySpace: [url=]MySpace.COM/EXoluta[/

Stick Boy Video

Thank you so much for playing Stick Boy.

I am currently funding a video to be directed by cutting edge director Jesse Ewles from Toronto. If you are interested in supporting this project go to pledge any amount and you will receive a free download of my album (currently in production). Funding lasts until mid January.

Any amount helps a lot.


I am nominated for R&B Single of the Year!!

Hi everyone!

I need your help! I have been nominated for Hip-Hop/R&B Single of the Year on USA4Real Radio for my R&B influenced song "I Shouldn't" and voting has begun, but I am up against some great talent who has been long established with the radio station! One of the other nominees is one of the top rated artists on the site and I only just signed up...

Only registered members can vote, but registration and voting are free and only take a few minutes, and I would be so thankful for every vote you could throw my way. Here is the link to signup:

And here is the link to vote in the polls:

If you'd like to check out my Sellaband music profile, please do so here:


Thank you all so much for your help!!




CROSBY Presents "The Chance Encounter"


Click Here to Find out more...

☂ "Are You Under The Umbrella?" ☂

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SonicBids EPK

[url=]Hip-Hop HOWL![/

first tracks

Hey Folks totally new to this but think i have uploaded tunes come have a blast cheers


Hey Guys!

I uploaded the new tune, "AFIRE!"


Brad Cox

Skitzo Calypso/We Love The Undergr

meg and mark free download

our track 'then i met you' is available as a free download here -

the site will ask for an e-mail address - but we promise we will not contact you unless you contact us first - enjoy



Global Battle Of The Bands

First Prize: $100,000 and worldwide promotion

The world’s biggest live championship of popular music aims to search out and bring the best un-manufactured talent in the world to a wider audience.

GBOB Challenge - The Global Battle of the Bands

GBOB International was formed to launch the GBOB Challenge, a global live music competition for unmanufactured bands playing their own, original music. From 16 countries in 2004 to 26 countries in 2008, the GBOB Challenge has grown year on year and to date has involved more than 40,000 musicians. In just five years it has become the world’s biggest and most respected live music competition.

In 2009 the GBOB Challenge is on track to involve 12,000 musicians from over 30 countries, more than 200 concerts and a live audience in excess of 2 million. In addition, exposure via TV, radio, print, internet and viral grass roots marketing will engage millions more.

The GBOB Challenge has already gained a reputation for breaking new bands. Previous winners have since signed deals with Warner Brothers, Universal and EMI as well as production deals with leading producers including Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, Charlatans etc.) and Danny Saber (U2, David Bowie etc.).

GBOB has very quickly gained a reputation for helping to break new bands and we intend to carry on doing so.

Forget about artificial Pop Idol-style competitions and all the other glorified karaoke rubbish out there, this is the real deal for real bands playing real music - live…There are just two rules: no cover versions and no pre-recorded music.

Every year local qualifying heats and national finals take place in countries around the world, with the eventual winners of these going forward to the GBOB Challenge World Final in December each year.

More info: www.gbob