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Hi all !

Finally I found my password and I am now able to vote here and to let some comments.

A little advertisement for my favorite band RADIUS, who have just uploaded a new song called " Private Girl". It is thanks to this song that I became a believer when I first heard it on stage last August.

Enjoy this song on :

By the way, I'll be in the Netherlands next week to sing THE SEA, a song which is the result of my collaboration with RADIUS. We'll play at Simplon, Groningen on Thursday,28th. More details on RADIUS' profile.

I wish you all a great Sunday



Hi, Everyone! I'm New!

I just signed up to talentcast, and uploaded a song called "Through The Ages" and I also have a new sellaband page!

Please take a peek at that and my myspace. It has even more songs. I'm about to release a CD through CDBaby, so if you're interested, let me know. I look forward to talking to you all!

Brooke Alyson


Hey Talentcast. Thanks for featuring my song Proximity on the show. Really pleased, sounds great on the radi

Radio Fantastic!

when i tuned in to Sunshine Live's TalenCast program yesterday at the beginning of the broadcast i could not turn it down. even though it was middle of the night.

what an unbelievable program!! i listened from 1 am my time until the sun came out and though i was barely alive the next day i still wanted more! it was just the most incredible program i've heard on the radio ever. none of the songs you've heard played around a thousand times, but all great fresh new music. i really was amazed how good it all was. clearly huge credit is due to Johan, MissY and John for putting together a great playlist. but i listened all night long and there was never a dull moment, so i think it means that SAB music rocks the house and can do so for hours on end. i was breathless.

my only problem now is that i want it all the time. i tuned back in to Sunshine Live today and it wasn't bad, but it was your usual radio station stuff. i need my TalentCast back!! it's like crack and i'm addicted. it was so exhilarating to have this new radio experience and i can't wait a whole week for it! please somebody do somethi

Just signed and uploaded first tune

Hello all talencast members, we are happy we can share with you our Pipers Dream tune. Hope you'll enjoy i


Hello all! Just uploadin' a track for TalentCast's site; I hope you like it.


Brad Cox/Niki Thun

About 6TM

6-T?M (System) ( is a Pop Rock band. (Rudee ? Singer / Xavier ? Drum / Gibs ? Guitar / Eric ? Guitar / Renaud ? Bass).

Street Dance choeographer, Rudee makes his first step into the music industry with his GodMother Radiah Frye & Mia Frye as a dancer and background singer for many live performences and TV shows.

With time Radiah Frye founds a good R?N?B music style who match perfectly with Rudee?s personality Craig David, Usher, R.Kelly ?

The New York / Paris connection revue ran by Radiah Frye takes them to Spain, Portugal ,U.K and United States. Out there, listened to Pop music all day long, Rudee understands that he has to take a new start in his musical career.

From Sunset Blv (Los Angeles) to Market Street (San Francisco), Rudee showed up in every bar and live performances places he could to really get the Pop Rock Vibes.

Back in Paris he decided to start a Band influenced by Pop ? Rock ? Funk ? Soul.

Joined by his friend Gibs (Guitar player in 6-T?M & also one of the most creative Rock guitar player ever, from Corsica, Spain, UK..) who was ready to get involved 100/100 in this new adventure, they started recruiting musicians. Xavier (Drummer, one of the best dummers they've ever seen, Paris, Los Angeles, Argentina ...).

It was hard time, and after 3 months, the other musicians took place in the band like a family. It?s how 6-T?M was borned. Now 6-T?M rehearse to record 12 original tracks for touring and put their 1rst CD out...

Enjoy it



New Music

Hello Folks

Thanks to Johan for setting me up on here. I've uploaded two tracks that are available on my page, please let me know what you think.

Enjoy the music, hope it brings you all success!


Alex and

My Shattered Windows - new video posted!!

Come check out my latest video to see a few clips from my live show called "Once Upon A Dream".

A brand new song will be posted next week so stay tuned...

Angie Arsenault

Down On Your Luck

Thank you very much for having "Down On Your Luck" as the song on the week! I'm so excited to be a part of Talentcast & really happy that you're enjoying my music, too! Extra special thanks to Missy, John & Johan for all of your support, emails, help & playlists. Have a great week!!!!! :-)

Thank you!

Hi TalentCast!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for being so friendly and supportive! My first 24 hours on Sellaband is coming to an end-you've helped make it a fantastic experience!

My heartfelt thanks to you all


I have been singing sing I was a child and knew that the stage was for me. My passion is music and I also love to write. I was inspired by my father (may his soul RIP) who was a master of the guitar and my Mom who is a songwriter as well. I believe that SELLABAND is a wonderful opportunity for artists to be heard and to reach out the people for different parts of the world. It's truly an amazing concept.

The ballad "MaƱana" (written by me) is dedicated to all those wonderful BELIEVERS that have made 2007 a thrilling experience!
Roberto Vazquez

New Here

Greetings from Australia!

My Name is Bennie James and im new to this whole shebang. Im uploading my tracks as we speak so by the time ur done reading this you can come check them out. they are just a few songs i recorded at home and oneday hope to record in a studio with a band of epic size

So Enjoy! Or dont, either way, thanks for trying my songs on for s
Bennie James

So Happy to Be Here!

Thank you TalentCast for creating this incredible opportunity for independent music to be heard!

I am so excited, both as a musician and a music lover.

Kudos to you and many happy cheers!


Thank you TalentCast

Hi everyone!! I wanted to thank you for not only giving me the chance to play my song "I found you" but also because my song was chosen as the song of the week.

Thank you so much!!!