SPINSIDE - rock band from RUSSIA?

New EP "AGAINST ALL ODDS" - check this out:

It is really worth

Blog So You Wanna/ N-E-W

New, N-E-W, News,

need a wake-up call in the morning?

No worries as I have made a perfect track to get you started.

So you Wanna an exciting track made by Sugareyes.

Just listen and get in gear for the day.

And that’s not all, my track Freakin is going to be released on the anniversary Album N-E-W 5.0.

So let’ s start 2010 with a bang.

Kisses Sugar

CATSELF wins SEAT competition

I have just found out today that I have won the SEAT competition!

Read about it in SellaBand News

The car company SEAT has already transferred 1000 $ to my SellaBand account, moving me from 5th to 4th place on all SellaBand, out of almost 3500 artists, and over 40% of the budget I am raising in order to record my album.

Such a competition is never easy to win but this time it was an especially big challenge as I was up against a few already established artists. Very, very big thanks to everyone who voted for me and very special thanks to MarocK'Jeunes Association!!


Debutant Disco and Producciones Psicotrónicas teaming up.

A promising start of the new year: Debutant Disco has teamed up with Producciones Psicotrónicas, an independent and eclectic Spanish la

Blog Celeste Styrene

Debutant Disco singer Celeste Styrene now has her own blog.

You can follow her by signing up as a fan of the band on Facebook or here: [url][/

My home recording to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Please visit my website to hear the borrowed words I wanted to tell you:

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

love & Light,

Angie Arsenault


This week the songs for VOTING are very good.the decision is very hard for VOTING :)

Beautiful songs !

ALDENEY richy proj

Help CATSELF with 2 mouse clicks daily!!

You can help me so much for free! - and it will only take a few seconds a day.

I am raising a budget for my album on SellaBand. Currently I am No. 7 out of over 3000 artists registered.

I have been selected for a competition sponsored by SEAT. If I get enough votes by January 8th, SEAT will add 1000 $ to my budget.

Voting is daily but it takes just a few seconds, there is no registration... it's very simple - just go to the

SEAT website

and click on the red word STEM under my track and then on the fifth star. And then the same the next day... and the next... until January 8th, if you remember!

I know it is difficult and boring to remember something like this every day... so, if you vote for me regularly, please contact me by email or on SellaBand/MySpace and I will send you the song that is in the competition! I would like to give you something back for your trouble!

Two mouse clicks... help the cat... two mouse clicks... help the cat...

I will be grateful for every vote!

Thank you!!,


Let the galaxy invade your mind!

Thank you very much to the whole team at TalentCast for including "Eternauta" in the 112 playlist edition, it is such a honor to be here among very talented artists, beyond any vote i could get, i just wish that everyone can enjoy my music and travel with it in a constellation of sounds...hope you like it, put your spacesuit on and let the galaxy invade your mind!

Midnight Passion: Song of the Week

Hello everybody, we'd like to thank TalentCast for including our song in their weekly playlist once again! Please help us with your votes to become 'The Song of the Week'!

We'll be updating our website and MySpace with brand new information next week. Hope to see you around.

Sigma & Karla.

Official Site: EXoluta.COM

MySpace: [url=]MySpace.COM/EXoluta[/