Thanks Talentcast

Firstly I want to thank Talentcast for the suppport you have given me as an artist on Sellaband.

My communications company in Europe is seeking legal advice. I have my current agreement and I need to check if clicking this one. Would null and void my old one and where exactly I stand legally. As I was one of the artists looking to send directly to my believers. I have most of my believers. I now wish to seek direct contact with all of you. If you have not had emails from me. I dont have your contact details. I want contact with all 224 people .. please email me

I notice the support forum has gone down where people were gathering.

There is a lobby group on Facebook to support each other through this process of Sella's bankcruptcy & subsequent take over . I urge you all to join it .. If you are on facebook.!/group.php?gid=323914919203&ref=ts

Lets hope it all works out in the end



I REFUSE to pay 27% ($2,75)costs per $10 dollar part to Sellaband.

Read the conditions believers!!!!

If the milk is sour i aint the pussy to drink it!


Keep Talentcast alive! Why don't you start working with They are really pro too!



New T&C

I'm very sorry to say that I have cancelled my account on Sellaband.

I don't agree with the new T&C because I'm no longer in control of my own money anymore.

And I'm afraid this is the first step to a new company, only interested in profits, and not in artist and believers.


TalentCast won't accept these Terms and Conditions

Johan Jongerius
We just sent this e-mail to the new SellaBand team:


Probably you know that TalentCast is a radio project that supports independent music from SellaBand and MySpace.

We still have to study the new Terms and Conditions in full, but for now we have to comment on one of the points:

For our whole team it's unacceptable that it's not possible to refund money that is deposed for longer than 2 weeks on our profiles at SellaBand back to our own bank accounts. We will inform our (over 1000 members) that TalentCast won't support these new Terms and Conditions.

Johan, MissY, Catself

Reaction by e-mail of Dagmar Heijmans from SellaBand:

We have to respect and accept that you don't agree with the new terms and conditions, but we want you to know that the change in the possibility to withdraw money is not one that we've made out of free choice, we had to make the change to comply to financial and banking regulati

SellaBand will be back online, February 25th

Johan Jongerius

A Brand New Day For SellaBand

I always thought that this message would be the most difficult to write, but it's not. Even though today signals the end of the road for me as CEO of SellaBand, I am thrilled to announce that our brain child has found new parents and will get the opportunity to grow further. From today onwards, the name SellaBand will live on and the new owners intend to keep the spirit of SellaBand and its community alive. Moreover, I have spoken at length with the people who have bought and am totally convinced that they are just as committed as we always were to build a solid future for SellaBand. What is extremely important to me is that the new company, called SellaBand GmbH and to be operated out of Munich in Germany, will respect our commitments towards Believers and also to those artists who are currently recording their SellaBand album, and/or are about to release their music.

There is no doubt in my mind that 'crowdfunding', as they call it, is a blessing for artists in the 21st century and that this concept has the potential to cure what's been ailing the traditional music industry for so long. SellaBand is and will always be the first of its kind. I am proud to have been part of this very exciting journey from day one and because SellaBand will always be dear to me, I will stay active as a 'Believer' on the website and have offered to be on stand-by in case my assistance is needed. I am also very excited to announce that the man who has been standing side by side with me in those past 4 years, Dagmar Heijmans, will continue to be part of the new team and will work closely together with Michael Bogatzki, the new CEO of SellaBand GmbH.

All in all, today is a day of joy. Some other time perhaps, I will take a moment to look back and share my story with the outside world. Right now I only want to look ahead and hope you will all join me in giving the new team a warm welcome and find out what bright future still lies ahead for SellaBand.

So long,

Johan Vosmeijer

Amsterdam, February 24 2010.

Michael Bogatzki (CEO SellaBand GmbH) declares

We will continue to advance this fantastic platform while acting in the spirit of the SellaBand community and its founders. We are thankful for the exceptional work of Johan Vosmeijer and his wishes.

Starting from today we proceed with this unique concept and maximize the potential of SellaBand with the trust and faith of all Artists and Believers. In personal I am proud to be part of this idea and I am aware of my responsibility for done work and successes. I will take care about the community and spirit of with your help and confidence.

Best regards,

Michael Bogatzki

Munich, February 24.

SellaBand bankrupt

Johan Jongerius
We just read the bad news that SellaBand is bankrupt.

This is the news that is published at The Next Web

"Sellaband, the once beloved Dutch music startup that lets fans invest in their favorite bands filed for bankruptcy yesterday and today the Dutch court approved the request. (see picture below)

The Sellaband website says it is down for maintenance, but on their support pages they admit they are in the deadpool.

Sellaband allowed artists to raise the money from their fans and the SellaBand community in order to record a professional album. Since its launch in August 2006, SellaBand has coordinated recording sessions for 34 artists or acts who had their albums funded by their fans with over USD $3,000,000 invested so far. Late last year the company announced that it’ll be funding the next album from Public Enemy frontman Chuck D.

The question for many Sellaband devotees is what will happens to the money “believers” (investors) and artists balances? Also what are the consequences for artists who are well on their way to the required sum to create their new album."

Although this has hardly any consequences for TalentCast, we are very sorry about this.

We wish the SellaBand team a lot of strength.

Crew of TalentCast

Update from SellaBand headquarters:

On Friday February 19th, SellaBand AG requested provisional suspension of payments (moratorium). This was granted by the Court in Amsterdam on the same day. Yesterday, Monday February 22nd, this moratorium was changed into bankruptcy, with appointment of, Mr Paul Schaink, an amsterdam lawyer, as trustee. The trustee wishes to inform the 'SellaBand community' that, apart from a few technicalities, the completion of a transaction with a potential buyer of the business, is to be expected soon, in order to make a fresh start, safeguarding both the rights of Believers and Artists. More news will follow shortly.

On behalf of the trustee,

Johan Vosmeijer

CEO SellaBand

Update (24-02-2010 12:35) (not confirmed):

SellaBand has been sold to a company in Munich. Tomorrow SellaBand should be back online.

Update (24-02-2010 15:55):

SellaBand will continue. The curator (Paul Schaink) of SellaBand signed this afternoon a contract with the new owners. SellaBand will move from Amsterdam to Munich without taking over the current employees.

The new owners want to stay anonymous at the moment. All we know so far is that they are from the media branch and that they don't plan to change much in the current concept of SellaB

New music on TalentCast

Hi everyone,

Listen to BOA at myspace and support us on SellaBand.

We are a new band from Sweden playing acoustic

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