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Single Miss November

Posted by: Miss November

Do you like the music of Miss November? You can order our single now! Just send an email to info@missnovember

Gigs Miss November

Posted by: Miss November

22 mei | Simplon | Groningen | 22.00 uur | met Duroc en Starring Lisa

29 mei | GSP Slotavond | Groningen

03 juni | Lunchconert Hanzehogeschool | Groningen | 11.45 uur | Sportcomplex Zernike

27 september| Muziekcafé Loonies | Nijmegen | 21.00 uur

14 november | Haags Popcentrum | Den Haag | met No Tomo

Reggae : Minority but quality

Posted by: Alioune K

Yes it is !!!

Welcome in my world, made of positives vibes and pure energy.

Rough new in Talentcast, hope you'll like my songs:

In Peace


Carnival Love song

Posted by: Kostek Andreev (Artist on MySpace)

I ve just uploaded Carnival Love song - Willow/ Kostek song , you can also hear it on The collaboration project SAB profile

all the


Posted by: ELGAD

Hello everybody,

You are invited to listen to my songs that are based on my concept called "Unrestrained Human Race". This concept talks about many issues of our society. On my palyer you can find the title song that describes in general the bad side of the human race, then I try to compare it with a better behavior in my song "harmless animals".

My 3rd song here "Family Hierarchy" describes some power games between parents and their children.

Have a great rockin' day!




Posted by: MARCO

Hey everyone!!! I just uploaded another song called "Quien te Crees"

I hope you all enjoy it! It's about being in a quasi-relationship, then the other person leaves and wants to stay in your life as your friend...My reaction when this happened to me was "Who the hell do you think you are" and so the song was born! I have translated lyrics on my sellaband page @

Hope you enjoy! Love you all tons!!

Be safe!

-Marco aka marq

Vote for the Underdog!

Posted by: Jade Diary (Artist on ReverbNation)

Hi guys,

We're fairly new to Sellaband but have already raised $2550 within about a month (only started being active around 15/3/08) and have impressed a lot of people with our pop-rock songs.

I realise that other artists who are in the running for 'Song of the Week' may have lots of believers to vote for them. Well, as we're fairly new, I can't say we have as many believers.

So if you haven't already heard our song, "What She Wants", would you go to and have a listen? If you like it, would really really appreciate your vote. If you vote for us, please let me know ASAP - I would really want to thank you!

Thanks for reading...


"song of the week" Competition - ask for voting!

Posted by: Olamonola

Hi dear listeners! choosed my song "Cień" to " song of the week" competition. If you like it, please vote for

Song of the week!!!! :D

Posted by: Angie Arsenault

Wow! To everyone who took the time to vote for me here on this wonderful platform, my sincere thank-you's.

I am very honored and "Stay" is quite happy about this as well! ;-) hihi


Thank-you TalentCast!

Posted by: Angie Arsenault

Thank-you so much for airing my song "Stay" Team TalentCast!! :-)

All the best to you,


Got a minute to Vote for me?

Posted by: Lily

hello everyone,

please take a minute and vote for me at (latin stage, audio tab)...or click here:

thanks a million! you can vote everyday for the next 6 days!


lily vas

Song of the week

Posted by: Romany Titre

Hey Everyone,

One of my songs is running for song of the week, so I would like to invite you all to check it out and if you like it cast your vote for me : )

You can also find me on

Greetings, Ro


Posted by: Kostek Andreev (Artist on MySpace)

Greetings for everyone who was at shamrock in ALMELO ( you know SAB performance)

Casper did great org job

and I was really happy to be, play and met people t

Latest Update

Posted by: Marc Supsic

Hi all, it's been a while since I've dropped in. Things have beeen busy,to say the least. Aside from having a new song up on my profile, I am also working on two separate collaborations as a member of The Collaboration Project. I've also designed a few logos for the project.

On a fun note, I am part of ALTER EGO week on SAB, where listeners can go see my alter ego and hear music I made in a previous lifetime. Just go check out my profile.

I intend to upload some new music to TalentCast in the next few days, I'd really appreciate it if you would give it a listen.

SAB and TalentCast are two great opportunities that I'm happy to be a part of. Thanks, everyone.

Marc Su

SMILE BABY somebody loves You

Posted by: Funky P

I think its Sellaband and TalentCast is the point man


Keep the Fun-k fo