... OPHELIA SYNDROME .....this band from Canada allmost hits his target on SELLABAND ..... check it out ...




Celeste & Poly

Mum Poly & Daughter Celeste are onto something... to be continued... soo


Support us on

Ellyose is a metal band with a classic vocalist ;)

U will love it ;) Cheers X

THANKS for your votes, THE HUNTING is the SONG OF THE WEEK!

We're very happy to see that thanks to your votes, our track 'The Hunting' was selected as THE SONG OF THE WEEK! We really appreciate your support. Remember that you can listen to this song on the latest edition of TalentCast and at EDE FM during the next days!

If you want to listen more about us please go to or follow us on MySpace/EXoluta, Facebook/EXoluta & Twitter/EXoluta.


To All My TalentCast Friends!!!!

Dearest Friends!

I am taking part in the Singing Competiton where a polish music band is searching for their next lead singer. In order to win, I need your votes :)

Please take a look at the article below ,

Thank you so much!!!!!

I appreciate your time and votes! you can win once day till the end of Novemeber

Could you please forward this to your friends?. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vote for EXoluta - The Hunting as the 'Song of the Week'

Hi there, our song 'The Hunting' has been included on the lastest TalentCast program! Please help us voting for it as 'Song of the Week', thanks for your support!

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6.2 million listeners on Radio for Tim Bennett - formerly Civilized Tears


I just want to say a huge thank you to Talentcast and Sellaband and all the wonderful Believers who have helped

and supported my music.

My debut Album - Miseducated - will be released on-line this month and the first single has just received it's first airplay.

6.2 million listeners tuned in to hear the song ' Black Rain' - and we're also getting FM radio play.

The album is getting some serious attention from the music industry and I'm so excited for you all to hear the new songs.

P.s I am now going as Tim Bennett not Civilized Tears.

come and join me at FACEBOOK:

fan page :

Lady of the Wild Things EP

Both editions of Magdalena Solis's debut EP are now as good as sold out. Only a few copies remain available from our label Reverb Worship. So soon it will be only available as a digital download on our bandcamp.

“This is Belgiums finest Psych project right now. I recommended Magdalena Solis earlier this year. Their limited debut album/ep is sold out, I am a bit unsure if there is a re-release right now.

Anyway - Magdalena Solis is pure colorful and surreal blizz. It's best to compare with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s movies. Weird things happen under a bright sun! Ok, their music sounds dark, like the soundtrack to a psychedelic ritual. The most outstanding track is "Pink Sock Parade" a weird tribal piece with a spacey synth tune and lots of percussions, vibrating bells and ahh oh ahhs.”

Marcus Obst (Dying For Bad Mus

ANNOUNCEMENT: Change in notifying artists about airplay

We have decided to change the way we notify artists about airplay in TalentCast.

Till last week, we had posted public comments on SellaBand or MySpace, or both SellaBand AND MySpace profiles of all artists who got played in the programme. This system worked well in the early times of TalentCast, when TalentCast played only SellaBand artists and comments were very well visible on artists' pages, not only to the artists, but to all the visitors of their profiles.

Over time, we realised that posting on artists' profiles was not very effective any more. On SellaBand, after the changes, the comment section is not visible any more, so posting the comments didn't advertise our programme any more in any way. On MySpace, sometimes we were unable to post comments for many days because of technical difficulties. Also, a lot of artists do not check their comments often. We received more and more messages from artists who were sad that they had read the comment too late and were not able to ask their fans for Song of the Week votes. When we had time, we also posted comments on artists' Facebook profiles which they visit more often but in the end that was far too much work for our small and busy crew. Posting these comments on all the profiles on so many sites sometimes took a few hours, on top of all the other work involved in the project.

So, last week, after yet again running into technical problems on MySpace and spending about five hours trying to post comments (and failing), we decided that we had to handle this in a less time-consuming, more efficient way. From now on we will notify all artists who are on the playlist by email. This way artists will receive this information fast and almost at the same time and it will be up to them to invite their fans to take part in the voting. We hope that this system will work better and that artists will be happier with it too.

Dear Artists, please keep your email address that you use for your TalentCast account up-to-date so that we can reach you in time. We will only send you email concerning airplay or if there is a problem with your uploads. You will receive our newsletter (a few times a year) only if you subscribe to it (the default setting is "No", you can change it in Your settings after logging in).

Crew of Talent

The Slides

The Slides are 4 guys who do persistently struggle with crap that is happening around their band. This band recored its first long-time track over the tire shop's basement.There were hundreds of gallons of alcohol, and whole lots of cursing addressed to all of those cheesy looking indie-rockers during the recording process.Although the Slides probably did feel jealous of that idie thing coolness but they would've never admited that.What we can say for sure is that these guys' new record is supposed to be something great.The Slides' sound is inspired by such bands as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and classy brit-pop music as well.It is obvious that it wont take them too long to get one of the leading positions among rock musicians in the world .We'll get to check out their music videos on MTV pretty soon also.Apparently there will be mountains of coke, wild sex orgies and an inevitable band's break up during the next 3 years. Thats why there's no surprise that all of the Moscow promoters and producer centers dont want to deal with this truly great rock&roll band after all.But we do know that the Slides is that kind of a band who's live perfomances were are and always be something that can make girls get naked and help guys come up with idea of starting to play rock&roll to make girls get naked of cours