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Hello TalentCast

Just to let you know, we have started to do some cross-promo for you :)

Best :)



Hi we are really proud on this one, we hope you like our collab with Monika Thomas. The song title is PHOBIA.


Casper and Ko
Casper & The Collaboration Project

HI !!!

Hello Everybody I am very happy to join you on TalentCast & Sellaband.

You can vote for my song if you like it Sunday or forever :p


Gig in Amersfoort

Hi Folks,

the time of our gig at the Nox Obscura in Amersfoort has changed: It starts at 11 a.m. on October 18th!

If you like to hear more of our music, please visit us on MySpace:


Anna & Ol

Hey - I have posted the Selloween Seance ad"

As the title says. Thank you for your help :)

Sheet Metal

Kim McLean's '09 CD Preview

Hello dear talentcast friends! I've been in the studio working on a new CD that will hit the rest of the world Jan. '09. But I debuted some cuts on Sellaband - and right here on talentcast, you can hear one I've been getting lots of e-notes about. Any Day -

love you all -
Kim McLean

Gig at the Nox Obscura

Hi Folks,

we're going to play at the Nox Obscura in Amersfoort on October 18th. Our gig is at 13:30h.

We hope to see you there!


Anna & Ol

Song of the week

Hi Everyone,

please vote "FairyTale" for song of the week and visit our profile on!


Anna & Ol

A new challenge for Nemesea

Johan Jongerius
If Paul de Leeuw invites you to play in "Mooi weer de Leeuw", I will eat the sole of a real shoe of Manda Ophuis in front of more than a million people who are watching his show.

Dear friends of Nemesea, you know how I hate it to be in front of the cameras. I think that's way worse for me than eating the sole of Manda's shoe, so I think this is a real good offer. Gladly it won't be easy to get invited on his st

Thank you TalentCast!

I'm Michael Eddington and I'm new to SellaBand.

The music that I have featured on SellaBand is based on Chord Melody, and is a Old Style of song writng (Beatles/Crowded House etc..).

Please stop by my profile and have a listen to some of my work. And I would very much like to thank the people here at TalentCast for all they do for us SellaBand artist's Cheers!

Michael Eddington

song of the week

I am very glad that our collab song with Willow became song of the week.

Many thanks for all who was v

Can i receive some comment?

We are new to Sellaband and need comments and
The Cromatica

New on Sellaband!

Hi Folks,

we're a new band on! Please feel invited to visit our profile:

We would be pleased if you could tell us what you think about our music!

Greetings from Berlin,

Anna & Ol

So High

I don't normally make a song and dance about DEMO's, and believe me this song is a demo - it's rough around the edges and doesn't have the bells and whistles from the production phase. However I really wanted to put this up to give a little taster of things to come. If you like it and can stick with me, even help me on the road to $3k then I'd be jumping. Clem will hopefully be coming round soon to do some new vocals on this as the lyrics have changed a little. Anyway, please come and have a listen, I hope you like the direction...

ARYN CALHOUN Heaven knows collab

The collaboration project proudly present:

'Heaven Knows' written by


Production Kostek

All Vocals Aryn

All Guitars Ca
Casper & The Collaboration Project