Happy New Year and quick update

Hi to Everone here at TalentCast -

Just dropping by to say Happy New Year and I hope this is a great year for you all.

I've just uploaded my new music video UnAmerican - so hope you'll get a chance to check it out. Filmed on the swamps of Louisiana and features speed boat chase and bank robbery :D

I'm also looking forward to my interview with Talentcast this week. Stay Tuned


Video from concert

Hello this is Teleport Magic. We would like to invite you to watch our new song "My Place" in concert verrsion HD:

Best regards to ever

Hello Everyone !!

We are CO.IN. , polish band and remix engine, widely known for their numerous web-releases fusing different styles and genres into a loud and emotional music mixture. All albums available at

Apart from their own studio work, many remixes were produced by CO.IN., including artists like Nosowska, Hetane, Chico, Rootwater, ctrl-alt-del and many more.

You can follow us and support on Sellaband or Myspace


Heeeee .....

Merry christmas and a fantastic 2011 !!!

too the crew of Talentcast .....

keep up your good work !!!
Ed the Cheesehead

Instead of Ink - Full album

Hey everyone!

You can listen to our full album at and buy it for 2.50 by entering the code "xmas" !!!!!!!

Please SHARE!!! and please, please, SUPPORT the independent artis

A kick start to Christmas

Please check out my new song called The First Snow. Feel free to comment all my other songs as well. :)

Have a productive winter, everyone!



Poly Styrene & Celeste Bell have written a song together called BLACK CHRISTMAS.

The track - and forthcoming album from Poly Styrene set for release March next year - was produced by YOUTH (Killing Joke, U2, Depeche Mode, etc) and is available as a free download through the link below.


... OPHELIA SYNDROME .....this band from Canada allmost hits his target on SELLABAND ..... check it out ...



Ed the Cheesehead

Celeste & Poly

Mum Poly & Daughter Celeste are onto something... to be continued... soo


Support us on

Ellyose is a metal band with a classic vocalist ;)

U will love it ;) Cheers X