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Gig in Amersfoort

Hi Folks,

the time of our gig at the Nox Obscura in Amersfoort has changed: It starts at 11 a.m. on October 18th!

If you like to hear more of our music, please visit us on MySpace:


Anna & Ol

Hey - I have posted the Selloween Seance ad"

As the title says. Thank you for your help :)

Sheet Metal

Kim McLean's '09 CD Preview

Hello dear talentcast friends! I've been in the studio working on a new CD that will hit the rest of the world Jan. '09. But I debuted some cuts on Sellaband - and right here on talentcast, you can hear one I've been getting lots of e-notes about. Any Day -

love you all -
Kim McLean

Gig at the Nox Obscura

Hi Folks,

we're going to play at the Nox Obscura in Amersfoort on October 18th. Our gig is at 13:30h.

We hope to see you there!


Anna & Ol

Song of the week

Hi Everyone,

please vote "FairyTale" for song of the week and visit our profile on!


Anna & Ol

A new challenge for Nemesea

Johan Jongerius
If Paul de Leeuw invites you to play in "Mooi weer de Leeuw", I will eat the sole of a real shoe of Manda Ophuis in front of more than a million people who are watching his show.

Dear friends of Nemesea, you know how I hate it to be in front of the cameras. I think that's way worse for me than eating the sole of Manda's shoe, so I think this is a real good offer. Gladly it won't be easy to get invited on his st

Thank you TalentCast!

I'm Michael Eddington and I'm new to SellaBand.

The music that I have featured on SellaBand is based on Chord Melody, and is a Old Style of song writng (Beatles/Crowded House etc..).

Please stop by my profile and have a listen to some of my work. And I would very much like to thank the people here at TalentCast for all they do for us SellaBand artist's Cheers!

Michael Eddington

song of the week

I am very glad that our collab song with Willow became song of the week.

Many thanks for all who was v

Can i receive some comment?

We are new to Sellaband and need comments and
The Cromatica

New on Sellaband!

Hi Folks,

we're a new band on! Please feel invited to visit our profile:

We would be pleased if you could tell us what you think about our music!

Greetings from Berlin,

Anna & Ol

So High

I don't normally make a song and dance about DEMO's, and believe me this song is a demo - it's rough around the edges and doesn't have the bells and whistles from the production phase. However I really wanted to put this up to give a little taster of things to come. If you like it and can stick with me, even help me on the road to $3k then I'd be jumping. Clem will hopefully be coming round soon to do some new vocals on this as the lyrics have changed a little. Anyway, please come and have a listen, I hope you like the direction...

ARYN CALHOUN Heaven knows collab

The collaboration project proudly present:

'Heaven Knows' written by


Production Kostek

All Vocals Aryn

All Guitars Ca
Casper & The Collaboration Project

almost at 2K!

Just wanted to thank all my recent believers for helping me up the charts this week. 2K is right around the corner!

Also, to hear more of my music, you can find me on AIME street or check out my website www.aryncalhoun

Thrid Year Anniversary

August 29, 2005.....

Off my album UNORTHODOX, I submit KATRINA VISION for Consideration....

M. Ha


Thank you for considering Getting Directions for the next show!

I really appreciate it!