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The ASSM Effort

To Die For - new collaboration with Annie Bacon

Hi. Just posted up a new song entitled "To Die For". It's a song written by myself with Annie Bacon on vocals. We are also entering it into the collaboration project.

Annie blogs "it's a beautiful song that David wrote and all I did was throw down some vocals on it, but it's really coming along nicely." She goes on "Collaborative process is always amazing, but particularly so when the files are being sent via the inter webs and you've never actually met the person you're collaborating with. it gives a particular kind of closeness through the music, as though everything I know of David I know through his music - the timbre of his guitars and the tenderly driving rhythms. and everything he knows of me he knows through my voice, through my phrasing, my harmonies."

I am very pleased to have such a wonderful collab partner in Annie. Please feel free to put this on the radio s

Deborah Di Nauta joined

Hey everyone,

thanks for giving me the opportunity of making my music known through talentcast, you guys make a great job for us musici
Deborah di Nauta

TalentCast now also promotes videoclips of Sellaband artists

Dear Members,

You know how much we love independent music at TalentCast!

That is why we are doing our best to promote it as much as possible.

We have recently started a new cooperation, thanks to which we hope to be able to promote it to a wider audience. Starting in February, TalentCast will not only promote music but also videoclips from Sellaband artists. Artists can already now upload their videoclips to TalentCast in high quality (up to 250 MB) using our upload page.

The best clips will be selected to be presented to our new partner, who will then make the final selection.

So, Artists: if you have good quality videoclips of your music, you can now upload them to us; there is a chance that we'll be able to promote it to thousands of people.

More news about it in February!


Small axe the Eclipse

Im a song writer and singer as well and non of these are conected to my profesion. Im curently woking on my album as well as alot of projects with my friends im from Uganda and live ,study in Cuba ,Havana i currently produced a single from my coming album JUST MUSIC called HERE I COME AGAIN and the song worked well here in Cuba now its time you for you to enjoy and vote for it here on telecast. It has three more versions which i will be uplaoding soon.

Moto: life,,live it ,lov
Small Axe the Eclipse

Magic Skool Bus, Uploaded!

We've uploaded "Well Duh!" and "Population Paste" to Talentcast. These tracks are not currently available on our Sellaband page.

Both are from our debut album "Cafe Trauma" recorded in England and mixed in America by Rich Gavalis who's best known for mixing The Bloodhound Gang album Hooray For Boobies which included the hits Chasey Lain & The Bad To
Magic Skool Bus

Celine Cairo is finally on Talentcast!

Hi there! My name is Celine Cairo, I'm new here on Talentcast! I've been singing for years but only recently I've made the decision to really go for it, change my life, to be an artist. I'm only 18 years old and so so ready to learn and make progress. That's why I'm posting my music and 'making noise' all the time, I need some serious feedback! I hope people will listen to my songs, take time to be critical and maybe become a fan of what I do, what I write. Let me know what you think any time and please spread the word! Thank you !! All my love from Amsterdam,

Celine C
Celine Cairo


Hello TC-team!

many thanks for your great work all the time! - want to wish you (lately) merry xmas - and an incredible successful new year!

much love to all from Vienna -
Alex S

Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas to everybody here at!

Thank you for supplying the world wide web with music that is real!


Kingsfall Now On Talentcast

“Kingsfall is the kind of good that should have record

labels fighting over them; the kind of good that took Switch-foot from being a popular band in San Diego to a household name all over the world.” Kim Jones,, October 2008

When Larry Leicht (bass), Devin Dean (guitars/vocals), Daniel Lopez (drums), and Joshua Dufrene (guitars/vocals) came together in 2006 to form Kingsfall they all had one thing in common. They had all grown up in or around music for most of their lives. And it soon became clear that they all had a common vision of taking their unique sound to the masses.

“We want to share positive moral values and ethics, impacting

peoples lives and challenging their minds” lead singer Josh Dufrene says.

“It’s important to us that we use our talents to spread a message of positive re-inforcement and shed some light that there is hope to people in today’s climate of brokenness”, adds drummer

Daniel Lopez.

And sharing what people need from the stage or the studio is what these guys do best. They spread a message of hope with tenacity and aggressiveness. Their self titled debut CD is receiving airplay and rave reviews from industry leaders, critics, manufacturer’s and fans alike.

Based in Dallas, this exciting and energetic band with their own distinct sound has been compared to Mutemath, Coldplay,Third Eye Blind and Switchfoot, who they opened up for this past year at Baylor University. Other national acts that they have shared the stage with are The Afters, Sugarcult, and Love-drug.

Add to that dozens of other shows including a international appear-ance in Mexico City. Kingsfall was also featured on the nationally televised show ‘Soundcheck’, this past October.

The band has picked up endorsement deals with The Ernie Ball Company, Paiste Cymbals, and a major drum manufacturer to be

announced soon.

Without a doubt Kingsfall is one of the hottest emerging acts today as they continue their rise towards stardom.

For information contact:

Marty Marmor

Enteramente Artist Management


Can Hip-Hop Be Saved ?

Is The East Coast Dead ? Nah, The East Coast Just Lost The Key To The Game And I Finally Found It ! This Statement Is Hardly BELIEVABLE Considering The East Coasts' Presence In Hip-Hop Being Almost Non-Existent Above Ground Lately. This Statement Is Even More UNBELIEVABLE Once You Realize An Unsigned Artist From New Haven, Connecticut Made The Claim. Similiar Statements Have Been Made By Ex East Coast Frontrunners, Only To Have You Using Their Cd Cases As Your Weed Plate. So When This Unsigned Artsit From New Haven, Connecticut Proudly Explains How He Replaced The Late Great "Old Dirty Bastard" {Before A Packed Crowd} For What Would've Been ODB's Last CT Performance, And Not One Person In Attendance Asked To Be Refunded The $25 Ticket Fee. Or, How He Is Setting The Bar For CT Hip-Hop. Or Even When He Go's As Far As To Say He's CT's Hottest Unsigned Artist PERIOD, You Just Refuse To BELIEVE He Could Be This GOOD !

Press The Play Button ..............

Now You Phil {pronounced Feel} Blount !!!!


Samurai Fury on TalentCast

Hi everyone!

2 days ago we signed up to Sellaband after being contacted by Electric Eel Shocks tour manager. We played with them twice in 2006 and 2007 and he said it's be great to get some more Rock'n'roll bands on the tour and i totally agree.

On our 2nd day we we're contacted by "Missy" from talentcast saying she liked our songs and that she wanted to play our songs on the radio!!

Not Bad for 2 days!!

I'm getting some very good vibes from this whole thing!

Check us out at:

!!Samurai Fu
Samurai Fury

Talent Cast Song of the Week

Well folks, this is the song that everyone on SAB has been loving, the song thats moving me up the Hip-Hop as well as the weekly charts: SOUL SEARCHIN is now going for song of the week here at Talent Cast, and its up to YOU to make sure it gets there!

So, listen to Talent Cast begining this Sunday, and Vote SOUL SEARCHIN by Yours Truly M. HARRIS

(and dont forget to come be a BELIEVER on my page too! Going for an ARENAFEST Bid!)


Im one of those non-typical Artists...

One of those that may not totality fit in SAB's outlook on the Artists they want to use for SAB in General....

But isn't that music in general? Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

Let's bring that point home! I need 200 BELIEVERS on my page ( for me and my Band, The Congre'Gation to break down barriers and show there are Various types of UNORTHODOX Groovz.....

Hope to see you soon!

M. Harris / The Congre'Ga

hey everybody!

hey everyone just joined sellaband and talent cast and think it is an awsome new way to get your music heard and to develop a fanbase!!! im looking to meet some new people to make as friends or even to collab with in the future! please pop in and leave me a message it would be great to hear from you all!

Redmond Hannify