Lindy: "Jazz&More" ♪♫ project needs your help!

Hi all Sellaband music fans and Lindy believers,

I hope you all knows that since Sellaband had changed the rules, there is a timeline for musicians to become their plan be successful.

As for Lindy her timeline ends on 31/08/2011. We as fan hope that Lindy her great dream comes true, so she can record her first full cd in the studio.

Only with help of fans and believers is this possible, to say it with the memorable words of a great man in history; Martin Luther King 'Yes we can'

So look in your pockets for 'small paper money or coins' and buy a part(s) of Lindy her plan.

All small parts make also a big one, be sure even for one part you will not regret it, see the plan. May we also count on you? Only together we can do it, 'Yes We Can'!


Video interview with Julia Marcell

Julia Marcell has recently played two shows in Helsinki, in Club Liberté and in Korjaamo. She was interviewed after the second show by Soffa TV.

You can watch the interview and parts of the show in Korjaamo [url=]HERE[/u

new song .... OPHELIA SYNDROME ...

.... new song "Passing Time" mix 1 ...... from OPHELIA SYNDROME .....

check their profile on Sellaband or their website ...
Ed the Cheesehead

UnAmerican picking up speed - radio play in Europe and USA

A huge thank you to Johan and the team at Talentcats for the recent interview with Catself.

Also - UnAmerican now on playlist in Scotland, Netherlands and US College Radio

Also thanks to everyone involved - the UnAmerican music video (made for $1,200) which has been receiving some wonderful feedback from Movie Producers and Music industry alike. Currently at 1,200 views in 3 weeks and rising.

to hear our podcast "The Tim and Taylor Show" which is growing in popularity and features some off the wall comedy and some great indie music -

please go to:


Can we have your attention for a moment?

Hi all TalentCast members,

We know a nice Dutch lady with a soft and sweet voice. It's her great dream and intention to make her project on Sellaband complete. She haa also a nice project on AKA Music. Her name: LINDY Waldeck

Only just like all other nice projects here, she can't do it alone and need your support. Many small parts give also a boost to become closer to the goal.

We know she's not a hitparade wonder, but her lovely songs with soft jazzy mood give us a happy, sweet, soft and lazy feelings. But it''s not only jazz, Lindy is Jazz&More, also nice popsongs were created in her musical brains.

We believe in Lindy and hope that others this even can do.

So what you think, listen to her songs and can she get as well have your support...

Greetings from Flanders, Belgium,


Website updates

Johan Jongerius
The player menu to listen to the radio program has been moved to the right top corner, it replaces the small division with the Song of the Week winner.

The streams to listen are now also available in 128 kilo bit per second. This was a request of some visitors. So from now on you can also listen to our radio program if you have a slow internet connection.

Do you have an iPhone? You can listen by clicking on the blue apple in the player menu. Be careful if you have a data limit or if you have to pay for data usage! Listening at a bitrate of 256 kilo bit per second, uses about 2 Mega byte per minute. Listening at a bitrate of 128 kilo bit per second uses about 1 Mega byte per minute.

The Song of the Week winner is now more visible on the main page and some other pages.

The website will load a bit faster because the code is more efficient than it as bef

Riannti - Out of the Blue

Hi everyone, I am new here, just uploaded my song, I hope you can check it it out.



HI THERE !!! ;-)

Alphakraft Communications
Sorry, that we´re just keep in touch with you now, but there were a lot of work we had to do...

We´re of Corsa proud to be one of the Fewlings, that had joined now the official TALENTCAST-Edition and told it yet all over the world (ähem...nearly)

At last we wanna give an comment to the clip "FOUNDER OF TALENT CAST" :

Iz a great pleasure to see, how the THING has started. It was very interesting to take a loke inside and behind the wheels...äh...walls...



Gussie MIller EKP Video # 1

Hey TalentCast:

I want to invite the talentCast community to check out my first EPK for my Sellaband project "Forever Plan". You can watch the video here on YouTube:

Please feel free to send me your comments and remember to request the song on TalentCast, Last FM, and other internet radio stations.


Gussie Mi

Hey TalentCast!

Hey TalentCast!

This is Gussie MIller from Los Angeles, California!

I am so excited about being a part of TalentCast! I just up-loaded my Sneak Preview single "What More Can I Say" to the website, to get some feed back from the TalentCast community.

I am hoping to be a part of the radio rotation very soon. Please reach out to me with your comments as they are VERY important to me!


Gussie Mi