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Your Local Music Scene Goes Hyper-Local

This is actually not going live until the new year 2010. However I am now ready to accept your input and application.

The goal is to have a global reach while staying within our respective local music scenes. For more details check out Music Evolution @ look for the group local music news or direct to

Though I am starting this and will operate the back-end/global aspects. This project I plan to be YOURS not m

Latest TalentCast on our website, Podplaza temporarily unavailable

Today we realised that, and so our podcasts, are unavailable. It has never happened before. We do not know what is the problem so we will wait a couple of days and let us hope it will come back. Otherwise we will find another way to host our podcasts. Please revisit our website in a day or two and hopefully we will have some information!


Crew of Talent



Marta Milan

Thank-you TalentCast Voters!

A big thank-you once again to all of you who have voted Turn Around as song of the week and to the wonderful crew at TalentCast for continuing to support independent music.

Angie Arsenault

Liza Lee

All three Liza Lee gigs in Groningen are canc

50K MUSIC MAG - September issue

50K MUSIC MAG is out now:

Read in current issue about:

- Nothing but Sugoi - Electric Eel Shock interview

- Lady Haidee's album release

- Slim Void Album Log update

- Julia Marcell's promotion campaign in Poland

- Katie Thompson Album Diary

- Go for Silver ... Maitreya's second run

- Expect the Unseen - interview with Ellie Williams

- SellaBand Headquarters' Column

- The Importance of Your Fan List by Netvalar

- The Role of the Fan by Casee Wilson

and Promising Newcomers, Artist News and Upcoming gigs all over the world.

Enjoy reading.



Good News

I got a message from Liza that she'll fly coming weekend . I dunno if she'll make it to be in time for the gig at the Festival , Saturday at 1:00 pm . Otherwise I'll try to move some things to get a stage for her on Sunday ... no promises , but I'll do my best :-) .

Love to see you all at the Gideon Festival , and so do Lorraine Jones & Band , Gisel de Marco , Catself , Liza and MDATA ( Sunday 5:30 pm Mainstage ) .

HAVE FUN !!! yours P

Gideon / Radius / Liza

Sad news ; Radius can't make it because Saturday is their last day in the Studio . And yesterday I got a short message from Liza that she was heading home to her parents 'cause of "family emergencies" and had to change her ticket and flight day . I hope she is okay , and nothing BAD happened .

Lorraine Jones , Gisel de Marco , and Catself will be there !!!

yours P

50K MUSIC MAG - August issue

Read about:

- The Flight of the Kiwi - about Katie Thompson,

- Slim Void Album Log,

- Go for ... Silver! - about Maitreya's award ambitions,

- On Stage with ... Julia Marcell,

- Real Deal Alert - Ariel - by Pete Strobl,

- On Stage with ... The 3 Ladies,

- SellaBand Headquarters' Column,

- Speakers' Corner - new column wher everyone can speak her/his mind,

and of course Artist and Industry news, Newcomers, upcoming gigs all over the world.

Enjoy reading :)

Download MAG

[url= yiqncej5q2/]View MAG on Scribd[/

Gideon Festival update

Heya Friendzzz ,

I just had a phone call with Johan Faber from Radius . And he will take it up with the guys to play one or two songs with the singers and musicians gathered at my gig . So for Saturday August 29 at 13:30 :

Liza Lee + band

Lorraine Jones + band

Gisel de Marco



and Pieps

Can anyone fund xxK to get Mandyleigh Storm and Pete Strobl over ???

HAVE FUN !!! yours P

Vote for the next "Song of the Week" in TalentCast's Fivepack

Johan Jongerius
This week's winner is:

RADAID with "Shine".

Congratulations RADAID!!

This week everybody can vote:

For this week's voting, you don't have to be a member of TalentCast. Voting is very easy, you just have to send the name of the artist of your choice to:

You can vote just once per e-mail address and IP address.

Voting is anonymous, only the crew of TalentCast knows the results.

Voting has ended. We announce the winner next Sunday. Thank you for voting.

These are the 5 songs you can vote for this week:

The Dellas - Criminal Nation

K-Flow y Hyper - Lento

Flatnoisebag - Back in Place


Anois - Tell me

As with SellaBand's SixPack, we decided to give a second chance to the number 2 of last w

Vote for EXoluta's 'Midnight Passion' as Song of the Week

Hi there, 'Midnight Passion' has been added to this week's playlist after winning the weekly R-MIC's contest! Please help us voting for it as 'Song Of The Week'.

Starting next week, everyone that buys a part in our project at SellaBand will have access to a free-download of one of our songs, current Believers will automatically receive a download-link at teir message's Inbox.

Thanks for your supp

NEW SONG - UNORTHODOX and A Bunch of shows

With the internet release of UNORTHODOX coming in less than 2 weeks, I wanted to submit the title track to Talentcast and Sellaband!

I suggest checking out my myspace page @ to get the best details on the various states and countries Im going to be performing at! Just a short list includes New Orleans; Memphis; Jackson, Mississippi; Nashville; New York City; Hamiliton, Ontario; and m

Get your favourite band / artist on the main stage at the Gideon Festival

Johan Jongerius
The Gideon Festival in Groningen offers a place on the main stage on August 28th to the band that receives most votes in a competition. August 28 is a holiday in Groningen when a lot of people go out, so a place on the main stage of the festival on that day will probably bring some extra exposure for the winner.

The Gideon Festival is one of the most important festivals in the Netherlands that will get a lot of media attention. It's a festival wiht 9 stages and will last from August 28 until August 30.

This voting is simple, you don't have to register. just search for you favorite band / artist and click on "Stem". You can vote once per IP-address. Voting end at August 15, 2009.

100 Bands have been selected, including the following SellaBand artists:

Cinderella's Revenge / Netherlands


Lenny Can't Remember / Netherlands

Nemesea / Netherlands

RADAID / Mexico

Radius / Netherlands

Tadpole / Netherlands

Tarball / Netherlands

XQS Netherlands

On this page you can vote for those or 91 other bands / artists:


ChupaCabra! hits $1140!!! THANKS TO ALL THE CHUPAS!!!

NEW TRACK UP! The self-titled track "Chupacabra!" is now up and ready for you to wrap your ears around! Special appearance by the 'Reverend' Silenzio Quesadilla, featuring his ode "The Eyes Of El ChupaCabra"! Have a listen, but make sure you have your HOT ROCK pants on! Leave comments at our Sellaband page !!!!!