for your diary ....

.. the Canadian band ... OPHELIA SYNDROME ... is coming this summer ... to Europe for gigs:


15 aug ALMELO

16 aug UTRECHT

17 aug BONN

18 aug ZUTPHEN


Ed the Cheesehead

Saint Nicholas Orchestra LIVE right now!

Watch here:

At the Mikolajki Folkowe festival.

EDIT: Show over.

But you can see the earlier show of Catself together with Saint Nicholas Orchestra from this separate link:

New CD Rosa Sky

Rosa Sky
The CD All Around Us by Rosa Sky has been released in Odeon Zwolle 29 Oktober 2011. It contains 13 tracks, recorded in 1 or 2 takes in a live setting.

Listen, download&buy at: rosasky.bandcamp

Hi I came to vote

Have I missed the vote for the song of the week .


Badaró Jambrass

congratulation for the radio !

i´m listeing now , is very cool !

Badaró Jambrass

My Blue Dress

Hi there,

My name is Marie, I am a singer-songwriter from Belgium, and live now in Auckland.

A few weeks ago, I started to compose, record and produce my own music and videos. (It is a first for me. I've always been singing and writing lyrics, in choirs, rock, pop and electro bands and classic).

The project is named: My Blue Dress.

I've reached a point where I want to share what I've done so far, seven songs, and get advises and contacts in the industry on how to move it forward.

So here I am . . .

You can listen and have a look (the songs come with music videos) to what I've done so far:

I really appreciate your time and consideration, and any feedback or advice will be extremely valuable to me.


My Blue Dress

TIme to Vote Folks... Please Vote for Clive

Hi friends and supporters,

TALENTCAST will play TONIGHT YOU"RE GOING OUT this week. This song is new and this is the first time this song will get radio airplay. It is also eligible for the TalentCast SONG OF THE WEEK VOTE.

I'd appreciate your vote. Voting runs from 10-14 September. Even though my Sellaband Target was achieved, exposure from this point foreward, including success in any contests such as Song Of The Week, helps greatly in future promotion and has a positive effect on the success of individual songs and in turn, the entire CD.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer and I thank you all again for your part in reaching the target last month.


Janette Bereza

Following the example of Freger65, I would like to introduce you to an artist who just recently opened her account on Sellaband:

She's Janette Bereza, from Poland, she makes really nice music and this is what she writes on her page:

Dear Visitor,

My music is a walk in the subconscious, the moments between speech and silence, journey through the underworld in search of light.

If you want to help me accomplish this journey and take part in it, help me in this way, which Sellaband is offering.

Let's go on this journey together.

I need the cash to record an album professionally:

9 songs + one, with dedication for my believers.

I would like to record my own album in Studio in London.

It's my biggest dream, because making music is what I would like to do every day.

Third song will upload in October.

I would be grateful if You help me !

I need 300 people, who will believe in me and give me parts. If this dream will come true, I will write and record song special for this people, with dedication on my album.

If you can help me - Thank You!...

- - -

If you can find the time to take a look/listen to her page, I bet you'll enjoy it

Sellaband Cecile Morel - new 'Second Chance' plan ♪♥♫

Hi all TalenCast & Sellaband music fans & believeers,

May we have your attention for the new 'Second Chance' Sellaband plan of Cecile Morel


and listen to her brand new song: Let's Laugh

Because the new Sellaband rules of 2010, Cecile and many other artists their plan stopped by the Artist deadline on August 31th, 2011 - 11:59:59 PM.

For this reason Cecile Morel started her new 'Second Chance' plan om September 1ft, 2011

Here is Cecile her complete plan ♪♫:

My plan is to make an album with 9 tracks.

Recording (3 weeks studio, travelling, producer, mixing and mastering)

€ 3,800

Additional musicians and sound engineer € 2,000

Photoshoot and artwork € 350

Manufacturing cd and shipping

€ 2,350

SAB fee (15%) € 1,500

Total budget € 10,000

Parts: € 10 each

Total number of parts: 1,000

Fans, friends, give Cecile Morel your support and buy parts of this superb female singer with her beautiful voice and make her 'Second Chance successfull before August 31th, 2012. How sooner Cecile Morel get 100% how better :)


Canadian Artist Clive Barratt hits Sellaband Target

Finally, my Sellaband Funding Target has been achieved. Now I can get down to the business of making new music.

I would like to thank all my generous, persistent and loyal Sellaband supporters who helped make this a reality. I would also like to thank Johan Jongerius and the dedicated folks at Talentcast for their terrific volunteer work and for the valuable exposure they gave my music by periodically playing my songs on the show. Finally, I cannot forget those of you who voted for me in several Song Of The Week contests. I came in 3rd once, 2nd once and finally won Song Of The Week with "Dance The Night Away" in December 2009.

My latest commercially produced song "Tonight You're Going Out" was recently uploaded into Talentcast's library. Whenever Talentcast is able to fit it into their programming, I'd sure appreciate your vote again.

Music is a language without borders... Let's all stay in touch.