Starting September 7, new, better and more broadcast times for TalentCast!

Johan Jongerius
After our summer break we get better broadcast times from our parter radio station Ede FM.

On Monday we are even during prime time on FM and cable radio!

This will be our new broadcast times:

Friday evening: 23:00-00:00 (new edition)

Sunday night: 00:00-01:00 (repetition)

Monday afternoon: 17:00-18:00 (repetition)

The times of our weekly voting rounds will also change because of the new broadcast ti


I don't say it often enough, but here is a big thank you to all the folks at TalentCast. It's a wonderful thing you do and I appreciate it very much. Every week I scan eagerly through the playlist and am frequently delighted to see not one familiar name. Why am I delighted? Because I have an hour of discoveries ahead; often delightful and, yes, sometimes irritating. But this is how we learn and grow, yes? Have a marvelous summer. I'll miss you until September - just not the German death metal.

Video interview with Sarah's Blue Dress

The music site Labtones interviewed the band Sarah's Blue Dress at the release show of their debut full album Monsters In My Head. The album was funded by the fans of Sarah's Blue Dress on Sellaband and was released on 18th January.

The video of the interview (with English subtitles) has just been posted on YouTube, and you can watch it here: [url][/

Clive Barratt Debut CD Update

Hi there believers and followers of Clive Barratt (that would be me). I would like to give you an update here on TalentCast's message board in case you have missed my recent updates elsewhere.

I left the studio yesterday (May 30th), after finishing another exciting session with producer Robb Begg of Marpole Productions. Yesterday we worked on a new song called "Don't Be A Stranger", which I wrote in April 2012 and decided to add to the SellaBand CD. Feedback from those who have heard it is that they like it. I think you'll like it too. It's uptempo at 120 bpm and has an addictive bass guitar line. Robb tells me it has a strong Brit-pop-rock feel to it. I guess it doesn't matter where I live, whether in Canada or Britain, it seems you can take Clive out of England but can't take England out of Clive.

Prior to taking this song to the studio, I made a fair quality demo recording at home, playing every instrument myself, except for drums. I don't consider myself a player of bass guitar, but I think I'll reconsider that after having fun creating the bass line riffs for this song. Don't worry; the studio version will have mostly professional musicians. To give you a sneak preview, I am tempted to upload the demo version to my profile and possibly into TalentenCast as well. What would you, my Believers like me to do?

So, we are on a roll (busy) in the studio. Several songs are in various stages of development. I can promise variety of moods on my debut CD, so there should be a few tracks that I am hoping will get stuck in your head.

So far, I am planning to have all recording finished by September and hopefully have the packaging of the CD done by then too. I have a graphic artist 4000 KM away in Toronto putting her mind to that problem.

September is my target completion date; however, please keep in mind that unanticipated life events can creep up on us in unexpected ways, changing our well intentioned plans. I'll do my best to keep my believers and new fans informed and happy.

You can catch my tweets at @clivebarratt. If you're collecting followers, I'll follow back. If you would like to follow Rob Begg on Twitter, he's at @ROBB999. Robb is a great producer but falls flat when it comes to Twitter. I convinced him to use his Twitter account more effectively, so he said he'll follow you back....!!

Until next time.


cd release party Canadian .... OPHELIA SYNDROME ...

Tonight .... april 20 .... OPHELIA SYNDROME ...

Cd Release Party for "All Things Forgotten".​artbar/

With Special Guest: Kori Pop:

Show starts at 8:00 pm. $10. All A

Many Many thanks to everyone

My name is

Singsation I've only been on this

site for a short time and I love it

I just want to give back to artist's who

might be in the u.s. Philadelphia area

if you are at artist and need a place to

perform I usually have a show once a year

for cancer research there is ofcourse no cost

to perform you eat for free and meet some great

people. This year the show is on july 14th 1pm

in phila pa The Arts Parlor

this is the link with all the info:

Oh if you are just a fan and want to hear some

live music we are giving away 1 free ticket a week

for just buying a download at


Listen to Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society "Everything" at the latest TalentCast! Podcast (U.K.) You are also invited to vote for this track at the TalentCast! main page. Check out the attached link. Have a great weekend!

Hello & THAAANX...

Alphakraft Communications
A Big THX for playing us in the 200th edition of TalentCast !!!

Iz always Cool & Honourus for us !!!

Sorry that we weren´t online for that...but,u know, lot of time goes out for Producing...finding new special sounz etc.



GreezNBeaz...ALPHAKRAFT COMMUNICATIONS...overNout...peeeep.c

Vote for / Stem op > Gabriel Scar

Gabriel Scar very nice pop/rock from Willebroek, Flanders, Belgium

You can help Gabriel Scar by voting & share on facebook and twitter to give him extra points on GumTV:

If you not logged in you can vote by email, fill in name and email, the person receidve an email with link. Clik on the link in the email so Gariel Scar received 3 extra points

Or on his audition at SonicAngel:

Personal website:


GumTV is a special contest of SonicAngel

Many thanks in advance,

Freger65 + Gabriel

A massive hello

Just to say hi to everyone - I've just joined Talentcast...

Hook up with me here or on Soundcloud if you are interested...