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Join and win a place on the Main Stage

Posted by: Pieps

Gideon festival band contest. Join!

The audience decides.

Join and win a place on the Main Stage. The Gideon music festival suggests a place in the programming. Got a band or live act or DJ you are, then your chances of a performance at the festival. Send an mp3, bio and photo to us. Or just your Myspace. You can register until 02 June on this site. Bands will be selected and then the fans the opportunity to vote for the band. The band with the most votes wins the contest.15 August we announced the winner. This August 28 will then have the opportunity to provide an action at Gideon music festival.

mail to:

NEW ChupaCabra News!!!

Posted by: ChupaCabra! (Artist on MySpace)

HI EVERYONE! Well, it’s been nearly two weeks since ChupaCabra! signed up to Sellaband – and what a two weeks it’s been!

We have managed to get from $0 to $600 (and as of this bulletin we are #2 in the Hot New Acts section!!!) – which is amazing and even though you guys might hear this all the time – we sincerely appreciate every hard-earned dollar you have thrown our way. It really does give us encouragement and motivation, knowing that we have such great supporters as yourselves. In a word - you ROCK.


If you haven't already, please go to to check out the different levels of investment. IT'S NOT A SCAM AND YOU'RE NOT GIVING YOUR MONEY AWAY. For a 10 dollar investment, you get the future CD anyway, so it's money well spent!

THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING! When we haven’t been lurking in the electronic corridors of Sellaband, we have been busy elsewhere… and we are SUPER excited to announce the arrival of a NEW MEMBER!!!!

Don’t worry, nobody left, we just decided – after a lot of discussion – that a second guitarist would be great to have around to fatten our live sound and also to contribute to the songs in their own way.

We found the perfect person and would like to introduce AlexCabrito, on Guitar!!!!

It just so happened that her old band had split when we were looking for someone, so the timing couldn’t have been better! WELCOME, ALEX! Chupa is now a four-piece!


We are right now in the (hopefully) last stages of finishing our new track ‘Chupacabra!’ and will put it up on Sellaband as soon as it’s done! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

Other exciting stuff in development – will let you know when it’s ready!

Until next time, Chupas!!!!



Ps… There might be some band photos in the pipeline…. Will let you k

Catself's "Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In" on BBC Introducing TONIGHT

Posted by: Catself (CREW) (Crew of TalentCast)

"Alien Vampiress Is Fitting In" is going to be featured in tonight's (Sunday 24th May) edition of BBC Introducing: Fresh on the Net with Tom Robinson. The programme starts at 0.00 GMT. The song is the sixth on the playlist.

You can listen to the programme here:

and if you miss it, it will be available for one week here via links:

=^^= /.................................


Vote for EXoluta's Midnight Passion as Song of the Week

Posted by: EXoluta

Hi everyone, our song 'Midnight Passion' was added in the latest playlist, please help us voting for it as 'Song of the Week' so we can get some more airplay at TalentCast & Ede FM.

We are from Mexico City and we're trying to spread our music all around the world. Feel free to listen to other full-tracks at ''.

Thanks for your supp

How Badboss became the "The Unsigned Pop-Rap Phenom".

Posted by: Badboss

Badboss wasn't born overnight! It took trial and error. See Sam Massey also known as Badboss has self-taught himself how to produce pop, techno, rap, hip hop and rock music by vigorously studying pop and rap cultures. His old songs sounded like they needed a huge amount of finetuning. Alittle less than a year later Badboss is signing deals with Music licensing companies to get his music in film/tv. Talk about self-motivation. Badboss recieved songwriting education from Ty cohen and other established songwriters in the music industry. They told him he had huge potential and they looked forward to seeing him succeed in the music industry. Badboss kept building up his fan-base and getting his name out through local performances. Currently Badboss has about 1000+ fans worldwide, and thats expanding everyday. He's been in press releases on the Urban Music News Network and Mi2n news network. Badboss says "no matter how big I get i will continue to work my butt off to achieve my goals". Now that's not something you'd expect to hear from a 17 yr. old kid,

Website updates and free downloads!

Posted by: Casee Wilson (Artist on Bandcamp)

There have been updates on both the news and blog sections of my website ( and also, we have added links to sites where you can download all of my tracks for free! Please go and browse, and download any songs you like. If you like them a lot, play them to your friends and let your friends download them!

Free musicz. I haz it.



Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd

Posted by: Pieps

Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd Johan ,

en nog vele jaren in goede gezondheid !!!



Posted by: Pieps

Congrets Laudanum Forest & Dreb with winning the Protest Song Contest . Great Song !!!


no voting again

Posted by: Pieps

Moderated by: Johan Jongerius (Crew of TalentCast)

Sorry ,

but again no vote from me ... let's say that I don't "understand" the music I've just heard on your radio show ;-) .


Of course, I understand. Also I don't vote at for example Sellaband's Sixpack if I don't like one of the songs.

Why don't you send a request for a song you like at studio AT talentcast . nl?



Posted by: M. Harris (Artist on MySpace)


Louisiana is slowly becoming a Hotspot for Television and Film Production, as evident by the recent influx of shows and Movies that have been Produced in this area. Another company based out of Shreveport, Louisiana are joining that list and are taking things a step further.

TNC Shreveport is now working on a Horror Movie entitled "The Hurting Kind" and they are looking for Artists and Bands of the Ark-La-Tex Region (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas) to submit music to be considered for the Movie Soundtrack. The selection process is in Parts:

1)The Public is to goto listen to the submitted songs, and vote for the song that they like. Voters have until May 8th to go online and vote.

2) 8+ winners go on to the LIVE SHOW.

TNC Shreveport, LLC/Glen Grefe and the THK_Battle Team presents:


(Round one in the war of pre-production financing)

SATURDAY, MAY 16 @ MOJOS downtown Shreveport:

9pm to 6am

* This is a part of an ongoing effort to showcase the ongoing talent of the Ark-La-Tex region's music and film industry - and a special night to unite both of them.

After winning at the downtown casinos, walk on over and check out the THK Battle show! Party until 6AM with Shreveport's zoning laws - you've never experienced anything like it! Woohoo! -THK Event Staff *

The winner is chosen from this live "Battle" to be a part of the Movie Soundtrack. Battle Performers are also offered the opportunity to be on the 1st annual regional CD Compilation, as this movie is being billed as the start of a trillogy.


New Demo Seeus

Posted by: Patrick

Seeus has uploaded a new demo.

a 3 track demo!!

Seeus is a pop-rock band from the Amsterdam area in Holland.

visit our page and let us know what you think of our new songs!!!

rock on!

Patrick S

Katie Thompson's "Not the One for You"

Posted by: Katie Thompson (Artist on Bandcamp)

Hey there

I am happy to say that my song “Not the One for You” has airplay on . Please vote for this song to get even more airplay.


Katie Thompson


Posted by: Pieps

Sorry ,

but I skip voting this wee

Get free promotion!

Posted by: New Music Monthly (Partner)

Hey all,

I am enjoying Talentcast & Sellaband alot, there is alot of potential & talent here!

If you are interested in some free promotion, visit my website at to be featured in our newsletter.

Keep it up Talentc

March 22

Posted by: Pieps

Heya Talentcast Team ,

nice Radio Show again !!! What did you feed Pieps ??? ... he didn't rant , insult and flam