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Global Battle Of The Bands

First Prize: $100,000 and worldwide promotion

The world’s biggest live championship of popular music aims to search out and bring the best un-manufactured talent in the world to a wider audience.

GBOB Challenge - The Global Battle of the Bands

GBOB International was formed to launch the GBOB Challenge, a global live music competition for unmanufactured bands playing their own, original music. From 16 countries in 2004 to 26 countries in 2008, the GBOB Challenge has grown year on year and to date has involved more than 40,000 musicians. In just five years it has become the world’s biggest and most respected live music competition.

In 2009 the GBOB Challenge is on track to involve 12,000 musicians from over 30 countries, more than 200 concerts and a live audience in excess of 2 million. In addition, exposure via TV, radio, print, internet and viral grass roots marketing will engage millions more.

The GBOB Challenge has already gained a reputation for breaking new bands. Previous winners have since signed deals with Warner Brothers, Universal and EMI as well as production deals with leading producers including Jim Lowe (Stereophonics, Charlatans etc.) and Danny Saber (U2, David Bowie etc.).

GBOB has very quickly gained a reputation for helping to break new bands and we intend to carry on doing so.

Forget about artificial Pop Idol-style competitions and all the other glorified karaoke rubbish out there, this is the real deal for real bands playing real music - live…There are just two rules: no cover versions and no pre-recorded music.

Every year local qualifying heats and national finals take place in countries around the world, with the eventual winners of these going forward to the GBOB Challenge World Final in December each year.

More info: www.gbob

Second Person is taking a break

Johan Jongerius
This is a message from Second Person:

We are writing to inform you that Second Person will be taking an extended break from writing and performing and therefore we will be deactivating our SellaBand profile.

Having spent 8 years working together, the members of the band will be taking this time off to pursue a set of solo albums and film music scores.

The band remain close friends and will be collaborating with one another in the future. Irrespective of how long this break will be, we are happy to announce the upcoming official release of "Gone Fishing" and "Paper Umbrella" in the coming weeks. For all believers who would like a free copy of these songs they should email their believer name to: You will be sent a link and we will not store your email address unless you ask us to.

Julia will be recording her own solo (acoustic) album later this year.

Alvaro will be recording his own album as singer/songwriter and will be updating his MySpace profile in the coming months.

Mark Maclaine, under his producer name, will be re-joining SellaBand to produce his debut solo album with Tony Platt (Bob Marley, AC/DC, Iron Maiden etc) at the helm. This album will continue the style of his, and Second Person's work, and guests will include a number of $50k SellaBand artists including Cubworld, Lucia Iman, Ellie Wiliams, Daniel Ward-Murphy and Jenifer Delaney amongst others. More guests are being confirmed by the day but include The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Number 1 selling Portuguese artist and YouTube star Ana Free, UK Scratch Champion DJ Muzzle, DJ Natty, and well known hip-hop producers Syze UP and The Next men. Check out the new SellaBand profile for this project.

Second Person will always love you

Source: [url=]SellaBand[/

Your Votes, Please


you can vote for our song Sweet Surrender in this week's playlist. Go to vote for song of the week and click on Sweet Surrender by Rosa Sky,

thanks for your supp


Hi Talentcast Crew ,

it's always a joy to hear the jingles by Laixa ( ) :-) . And thanks for the show !

HAVE FUN !!! yours P

Debutant Disco update.


Young Blood now rapidly becoming an underground favourite: Valencian indie radio show Toxicosmos put the song on air this week in Alicante, Cartagena, Murcia, Pamplona, Valencia and Vizcaya.

On the net till next Wednesday:


Indie-Spain Magazine published an article on the band today.

To read it (in Spanish) and watch a video for Mr Smith, follow this link: [url][/

Dead but not forgotten

Hopefully anyway. We've just played in the Gruta 77 Concurso de Rock (basically a battle of the bands), we've got a great recording of 9 songs (no, not the film, though it's sexy as ehll) to unleash on the world and a video we've recorded in our rehearsal room (though you can't really tell thanks to our b-movie background). That's us. Dark, minor key, simple - and with something from Jim Jarmusch and a whole bunch of Italian giallo directors as well as Buddha him/herself. Which is nice. Dead

new show

Hi Talentcast Crew ,

just listened to your new show . I heard 3 songs I can consider as music ; that's 2 more than last week :-) . I think that it is easiest to accept that I don't like music , and don't understand sh*t about it :P .

Have a nice weekend , yours P

Hey everyone! NRG Rising vote for us Song of the Week

Hey everyone.....

Just one more day and a few hours.... please support us in our bid to win the Song of the Week!

NRG Rising

Darkness to Light

Thank you

Greetings and much love


Your Local Music Scene Goes Hyper-Local

This is actually not going live until the new year 2010. However I am now ready to accept your input and application.

The goal is to have a global reach while staying within our respective local music scenes. For more details check out Music Evolution @ look for the group local music news or direct to

Though I am starting this and will operate the back-end/global aspects. This project I plan to be YOURS not m

Latest TalentCast on our website, Podplaza temporarily unavailable

Today we realised that, and so our podcasts, are unavailable. It has never happened before. We do not know what is the problem so we will wait a couple of days and let us hope it will come back. Otherwise we will find another way to host our podcasts. Please revisit our website in a day or two and hopefully we will have some information!


Crew of Talent



Marta Milan

Thank-you TalentCast Voters!

A big thank-you once again to all of you who have voted Turn Around as song of the week and to the wonderful crew at TalentCast for continuing to support independent music.

Angie Arsenault

Liza Lee

All three Liza Lee gigs in Groningen are canc

50K MUSIC MAG - September issue

50K MUSIC MAG is out now:

Read in current issue about:

- Nothing but Sugoi - Electric Eel Shock interview

- Lady Haidee's album release

- Slim Void Album Log update

- Julia Marcell's promotion campaign in Poland

- Katie Thompson Album Diary

- Go for Silver ... Maitreya's second run

- Expect the Unseen - interview with Ellie Williams

- SellaBand Headquarters' Column

- The Importance of Your Fan List by Netvalar

- The Role of the Fan by Casee Wilson

and Promising Newcomers, Artist News and Upcoming gigs all over the world.

Enjoy reading.



Good News

I got a message from Liza that she'll fly coming weekend . I dunno if she'll make it to be in time for the gig at the Festival , Saturday at 1:00 pm . Otherwise I'll try to move some things to get a stage for her on Sunday ... no promises , but I'll do my best :-) .

Love to see you all at the Gideon Festival , and so do Lorraine Jones & Band , Gisel de Marco , Catself , Liza and MDATA ( Sunday 5:30 pm Mainstage ) .

HAVE FUN !!! yours P