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Debutant Disco & Jaume Balagueró

Debutant Disco has been selected as one of 20 finalists (out of 600+ entries) to possibly contribute music to a short film by leading Spanish director Jaume Balagueró.

If you have a MySpace account, you can vote (every day until 23 May 2010) for the song Young Blood.

Just follow this link;

Since being short-listed a couple of days ago, the band has had over 2,000 song plays on MySpace over the weekend!

Transmission continue

OPHELIA SYNDROME ... mailing list ...

OPHELIA SYNDROME .... great band on Sellaband .. you can enjoy the mailing list of OPHELIA SYNDROME :

link mailing list:
Ed the Cheesehead

European Jazz

Hi! ^-^

Hi everyone, I'm new here (I've just had an account created here, I'm a believer on SAB) and I think this is a great site! ;D Keep on the cool w

Thank you!

Hey, Sean from Moovalya here, (you pronounced it right!) I wanted to say thank you for playing us on your station and was wondering if you ever have opportunities for more play, our new CD will be done in June and i want to get it on your station! Thanks again,


Dr. Potion

Finnish rockband which blow your m

Calm Season Riot Releasing their first EP!!

Calm Season Riot are a 3 peice band comprised of Aaron Cutliffe (Vocals&Guitar), Rickey Fullerton (Drums&Vocals) and Conor McNamee (Bass&Vocals). A band spawned from a music course in Derry in Northern Ireland. Influenced by a wide range of music from Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Tool, ASIWYFA, QOTSA, Incubus and many more. Calm Season Riot have a well balanced sound from melodic & light to Heavy and rhythmic… With an impressive vocal range and tight intellectual structures and rhythm changes Calm Season Riot aim to make an impression on the music scene in 2010!! First EP to be released around May.

See who's IN THE MIX @ The Hog Farm

Check out "IN THE MIX" at The Hog Farm on myspace

Featuring some of the best damn music you've probably never heard before, IN THE MIX is an eclectic selection of tunes from around the world hand picked by the internationally known Hogdaddee.

So come on by and check it out. Like what you hear or have a suggestion for a future IN THE MIX artist then leave a comment - it's fun and it's free.

Not yet a Hog Farm friend then please feel free to put a friend request

Please post gigs!

Hey all,

We would like to ask your cooperation to inform us about independent artists that are playing live somewhere on this lovely globe in the time to come.

Soooo members, artists and fans/believers alike, keep us updated about what you or your heroes are up to in real life! Who knows, your/their music might be on the next play list of TalentCast...

Not a member yet? Check the FAQ, and find out how to join our proj

TalentCast stays on SellaBand

From all TalentCast Crew:

We have been in doubt about the new Terms and Conditions of SellaBand, as you can read in one of the previous messages.

Our main problem was that there is no bankruptcy clause in the new Terms and Conditions. In yesterday's interview with SellaBand's new CEO, Michael Bogatzki (now available on our website), we were assured that in case of bankruptcy, the money invested by believers is still safe on the escrow account. We would like to see this confirmed in the new Terms and Conditions because such important statements need to be made in writing.

If this happens, we can live with the rest of the Terms and Conditions, which were quite well motivated in the interview. If the new Terms and Conditions give a better guarantee for the future of SellaBand, we are willing to agree to them.

In the meantime, TalentCast would like to express support for the new CEO of SellaBand. We wish you strength with taking over and rebuilding the company which is much more than the company, but also a social network and community.

Crew of Talent

new T&C

Hi all

I know it is a bit last minute but still

Tonight Cylu (artist and Believer) and I (just a believer)

Will have a drink and discuss the new T&C

All who are able to join us are welcome.

Drinks will be at :

Kürhaus ( Bar in the big hall above entrance)

The Hague, Netherlands

@ 20.00 hour.

Love Erwin


You might want to listen to TalentCast before you meet up as we have just interviewed SellaBand's new CEO, Michael Bogatzki. The programme should be on our website in a couple of hours.

Erwin Wijnen

Thanks Talentcast

Firstly I want to thank Talentcast for the suppport you have given me as an artist on Sellaband.

My communications company in Europe is seeking legal advice. I have my current agreement and I need to check if clicking this one. Would null and void my old one and where exactly I stand legally. As I was one of the artists looking to send directly to my believers. I have most of my believers. I now wish to seek direct contact with all of you. If you have not had emails from me. I dont have your contact details. I want contact with all 224 people .. please email me

I notice the support forum has gone down where people were gathering.

There is a lobby group on Facebook to support each other through this process of Sella's bankcruptcy & subsequent take over . I urge you all to join it .. If you are on facebook.!/group.php?gid=323914919203&ref=ts

Lets hope it all works out in the end



I REFUSE to pay 27% ($2,75)costs per $10 dollar part to Sellaband.

Read the conditions believers!!!!

If the milk is sour i aint the pussy to drink it!


Keep Talentcast alive! Why don't you start working with They are really pro too!



New T&C

I'm very sorry to say that I have cancelled my account on Sellaband.

I don't agree with the new T&C because I'm no longer in control of my own money anymore.

And I'm afraid this is the first step to a new company, only interested in profits, and not in artist and believers.


TalentCast won't accept these Terms and Conditions

Johan Jongerius
We just sent this e-mail to the new SellaBand team:


Probably you know that TalentCast is a radio project that supports independent music from SellaBand and MySpace.

We still have to study the new Terms and Conditions in full, but for now we have to comment on one of the points:

For our whole team it's unacceptable that it's not possible to refund money that is deposed for longer than 2 weeks on our profiles at SellaBand back to our own bank accounts. We will inform our (over 1000 members) that TalentCast won't support these new Terms and Conditions.

Johan, MissY, Catself

Reaction by e-mail of Dagmar Heijmans from SellaBand:

We have to respect and accept that you don't agree with the new terms and conditions, but we want you to know that the change in the possibility to withdraw money is not one that we've made out of free choice, we had to make the change to comply to financial and banking regulati