the Koniac Net on VTYO

My [the Koniac Net] music video "Chasing After You," done by Meren Imchen, is now being featured on VTYO:

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Interview with FIREMUD FM

Ladies & gents, NEW INTERVIEW with FireMud FM :

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Music Video featured on Apollo Night LA

"That's the best video I have seen on this show. Incredible. Just took the show up a notch. That was off the chain."

This was the reaction to our music video "Chasing After You" after it was featured on Los Angeles' Apollo Night L.A. Radio Show.

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Our feature: 50 mins onwards.

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the Koniac Net on Apollo Night LA

TONIGHT: my [the Koniac Net] song "Chasing After You" is going to be featured on Los Angeles' Apollo Night L.A. Radio Show.

WHERE: (watch it LIVE) .

WHEN: Monday, March 9th. 7pm (PST) / 8:30am (India) .

Their Twitter: @ApolloNightLA

(feel free to send them a tweet about our song / music).

tKN on Apollo Night LA

Los Angeles' Apollo Night L.A. Radio Show has chosen us [the Koniac Net] to be featured on their show.

WHEN: Monday, March 9th. 7:00pm PST / 8:30am (IST).

Their site:

Twitter: @apollonightla

For those in L.A., you can call up live @: 323-965-1600.

So excited & honoured that they have chosen us to be played on their show.

join us tonight

Kailyarders are performing live on 90.1 fm at 8pm pst... come join us for a listen

2 the Koniac Net shows in BHUTAN

We [the Koniac Net] are playing TWO shows in BHUTAN this week.

1. MOJO PARK: February 18th (11:00pm).

2. Bhutan International Music Festival: February 19th (5:00pm).

** Festival main site: **

This is a FREE 10-day festival. No tickets need to be purchased.

GQ Magazine Feature (the Koniac Net + Bhutan Music Festival)

GQ India mentioned us [the Koniac Net] in this here article about the Annual Bhutan International Festival:

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This ‪FREE ‪‎music festival‬ is going to be INSANE. Those of you who haven't booked your flights as yet, you best do it soon, or you're going to regret missing it.

Also, we debut a BRAND NEW SONG on the 19th.

Bhutan International Music Festival CALENDAR

Ladies & gents,

For those of you planning on attending the Annual Bhutan International Festival​ this month (and I know there are already a number of you who ARE!), here is the EVENT CALENDAR:

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We [the Koniac Net]​ can't wait to play on the 19th.

If you haven't booked your flights, dhoo it... c'mon... dhoo it! It's a FREE festival afterall. See all of you there!

Bhutan International Music Festival is FREE

We [the Koniac Net] are going to be playing for the Annual Bhutan International Festivalon February 18th. This is a 10-day festival, and it's FREE FOR EVERYONE! No tickets being sold except for the Lucky Ali's Concert (Bhutan International Festival) show (proceeds go to charity). This is a sponsored non-profit festival, promoting music, art, film, etc. in Bhutan. ** Hence, book your flights NOW... you don't want to miss something this amazing: ** Thanks to a few of the sponsors: Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines + Radio Valley 99.9.