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New song "Not Now", new album "Just say KNOW" release m

Here's the unavoidable promo:

Sad news about Georg, owner of our partner radio station Fame Music Radio

Johan Jongerius
Today we received the very sad news that Georg Hegelmann, the owner of our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in South Africa passed away last Monday. It is a big loss for the independent music scene. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Ruta St. NEW SONG!

Ruta St. released her new song this year. You can listen it on Youtube:

Miltos Marathon new album!

Miltos Marathon
We are very excited to share with you that Miltos Marathon new album "Two match " is officially released.

For further informations please visit: 

Thank you for supporting Miltos Marathon.

A Long Road to Success

Shawn Adam Williams
Shawn Adam Williams is taking a long road to success, and also he's nominated some awards this year: Four Nashville Universe Award Nominations, and two IMEA Award Nominations.

New album released!


My new songs here

"Earthy Sounds" is my new album, I hope You like it!

Have a good life!

Best Regards!


Thank you

Stefanie Black
Hi Talentcast members,

I would like to thank you for voting my title "I love you the way you are" into the number 1 position of this weeks charts. I hope, that my music is liked and played. I hope to be nominated again soon.

Thank you and regards

Stefanie Black

Important update about our web podcast player

Johan Jongerius
Many of you prefer to download the podcast, but for those who prefer to use our web podcast player (green play buttons at the right top corner), from now on it works a tiny bit different, because Google changed policies for autoplay on websites.

It's not allowed any more to play a sound or video with sound when opening a webpage without any user gesture. In principle I agree with that, because also I am very annoyed if sounds come from my speakers when I don't expect it, and often also don't want it.

The problem is that my web podcast player opens a webpage in a new window when you click on the play button. I want to keep it this way, because now the podcast keeps playing while you are browsing the TalentCast website or other websites, until you close the webplayer or press the pause button.

From now on, when you click on one of the play buttons, you have to click on the play button of the audio player in our webplayer too, to start listening to our podcast. A bit annoying, I understand, but I don't have a better solution right now.

I am not happy with this policy change of Google, although I understand why they do this. I hope to come with a better solution for this issue in near future. If you have one, welcome to contact me. Your help will be very appreciated.

Upcoming album listening session with Leaving Richmond

Johan Jongerius
On Saturday, March the 17th we will host our 10th album listening session. This time you can listen to Subcircuits, the sixth and newest album of the Los Angeles based electronic music project Leaving Richmond, started in 2007 by Jordan Pier.

This will be an open listening session, so everybody is welcome to listen and to chat with Jordan Pier, other independent music fans, and of course the crew of TalentCast.

The session will start at 21:00 (CET) / 1pm (PDT). I am looking forward to meet many of you.

Send your songs here to Pluxx7 Radio ...

But the most important thing is ... enjoy the music!

The big Award where everyone can tune in their music ... join in, because the best part is, we produce on the label Pluxx7 Music Studio and release through Tunecore Premium record company. All rights remain with each artist, all copyrights remain. Tunecore uses only non-exclusive contracts. The commissions, if the album is successful, will be properly settled on the label Pluxx7 Music Studio.

Send your songs here to Pluxx7 Radio ...

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