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But the most important thing is ... enjoy the music!

The big Award where everyone can tune in their music ... join in, because the best part is, we produce on the label Pluxx7 Music Studio and release through Tunecore Premium record company. All rights remain with each artist, all copyrights remain. Tunecore uses only non-exclusive contracts. The commissions, if the album is successful, will be properly settled on the label Pluxx7 Music Studio.

Send your songs here to Pluxx7 Radio ...

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WORLD5 offers an unique worldwide opportunity for everyone

WORLD5 offers people from around the globe an exciting opportunity to feature on their new forthcoming album release 

The band offers two different exciting opportunities - absolutly free of charge.

1. To be featured as a supporter of WORLD5 with your name written on the new album sleeve and the WORLD5 homepage.

2. To have your vocal appear along with WORLD5´s lead singer Sam Stevens on the chorus of one of the songs for the new album. This is an awesome opportunity for every singer to appear on an official worldwide album release and to work with a team of professional musicians and producers!

Your voice on our next album! Your name on the sleeve of the new album. Backing vocals by ( your name !!! ) You will also be featured on the WORLD5 homepage. All information can be found on the band´s homepage:

Website updates

Johan Jongerius
Tonight I installed some website updates.

The video players on the main page are changed. Because they are smaller, they can be on a higher position on the main page. More people are now watching the video about TalentCast, so I assume that also the Videoclip of the Month gets some more views.

I removed support for WinAmp, Media Player, RealPlayer and the Apple player. Almost nobody was using these players any more, last month just one person listened via the Media player. Nowadays every modern browser and mobile device supports our standard player.

During my break, while visiting a friend, I noticed that the website didn't function well on iPhones and iPads. That issue is solved now.

Maybe you notice that the website loads a bit faster. I now understand a bit better how to optimize images. I also optimized some programming code and server settings. Especially on mobile devices with a slow internet connection, the website should work better now.

Yesterday (January 20). I installed again some updates. This page Artist news and messages looks a bit different and the Gigs and event page has a different look, and supports from now on also event photos.

New Year 2018

Happy New Year for all on TalentCast...i wish you all the best !

greetings  Pluxx7 Music Studio

Website on iPhone and iPad

Johan Jongerius
Last Tuesday I discovered that the website did not work properly on the iPhone and iPad of a friend. Today I fixed the issue and I hope everything works now fine on every mobile device. If not, please let me know.

Happy holidays, a very nice New Year's Eve, and a healthy and musical 2018.

Trance All Dj Mix Video

This is my new Music Video...

Pluxx7Music Studio 

Electronic Music 

My new Single Album Electronic Love

This is my new Single Album ,, Electronic Love ,,

TechHouse Music

Pluxx7 Music Studio  

(c) 2017

nominated for artist of the week

Ac(e) G
Big Thank you for nominating me at "artist of the week" with my song Black Magic!

If you like the tune, please click at the Vote Link "Ac G - Black Magic".

It's out since 5th December! You can find it on youtube:

and on all common streaming portals too, like:,u~10130004,p1~mp3/xe/details.html

Glory To Jah album by Tyrone Sturk

Tyrone Sturk
Glory To Jah is a Roots Reggae album available on Itunes and all digital outlets.

The songs send messages of righteousness and truth and can be listened to below.

new EP by Slinky & P'tit Loup

Slinky & P'tit Loup
On i-tunes, amazone, spotify and many more platforms you can listen or download our new EP "I'm With You". It has 4 tracks, 3 are the originals from our CD "Zone Bleue" plus the title song "I'm With You"

Release of Black Magic

Ac(e) G
The first song, Black Magic, to a new sound concept I use to call "re-plugged" is to be released on 5th of December. It's still strictly acoustic guitar, and fingerstyle technique but loaded like a rock guitar. 

Curious about your thoughts on that, and stay alarmed for the 5th!

Suffering From My Success

Shawn Adam Williams
I'M SUFFERING FROM SUCCESS! Someone tried to stop me, judge me, putting me in shame right now. I'm so tired of being myself. Please feel my pain. 

New single "Numbers" is out!!

Hi Music Friends,

WRITERSDAY's new single "Numbers' from our second album "Desert Songs" is out!

Motor City Woman Is Still Rollin'

Shawn Adam Williams
I want to thank everybody for playing my song; Motor City Woman. Please vote my song on TalentCast! 
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Desert Songs
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Number of tracks: 12
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In Control
Album cover of "In Control" by Nemesea Rock/Gothic/TranceFacebook page of Nemesea
Number of tracks: 10
No More
In Control
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Time To Tango
Album cover of "Time To Tango" by Kontrust Alternative RockFacebook page of Kontrust
Number of tracks: 16
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