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COREIGN new Album 'Eternity'

COREIGN has released new Album 'Eternity' on 8 Oct 2018.

New Album on Apple Music

Soundtrack Album ,, Miami Theme ,,

My album was heavily influenced by artists such as Jan Hammer (Miami Vice) Power Station, JEAN MICHEL JARRE & VANGELIS, The 80s one of the most successful music vintages. My music reflects the tough fights of the drug cartels in the 80's. The song Smugglers is a kind of story as it happened with the dealers and the police. The album ,, Miami Theme ,, is a story about the Narcos time.

  Thank you for listening to my music.

  Also on Apple Music..iTunes .. Spotify .. and other music platforms ...

Various website updates

Johan Jongerius
I added on the main page: links to the latest posts in Artist news and messages, links to forum discussions which are recently started or which recently got a reply, links to the 4 most recent playlists, and I adjusted the look of the upcoming gigs and events to these changes.

From now on it's easier to see if somebody posted something new, probably more people will read these posts, and I hope more people feel encouraged to post something on the website.

Today (September 29) I removed the videos from the main page, because we received hardly any requests for quality videoclips any more. The most recent posts are even more visible because of this, and the main page of the website now loads much faster on mobile devices with slow internet.

I also changed the gigs and events pages. The pages are now more informative to search engines, because of improved use of so called structured data. I expect your gigs and events will now appear more often in search engines.

After 11 years collecting gigs and events, it was also time to clean up all past gigs and events. This made changing the pages a lot easier, because the past posts missed some values in the database which I need nowadays.

Anniversary day

Johan Jongerius
Today (August the 12th) is the 11th anniversary day of TalentCast. The first edition of our weekly radio programme came out on August 12, 2007. In that time the programme was about independent musicians and bands we discovered on formerly crowdfunding website SellaBand. The presentation was done by the 4 radio makers MissY, Johan Werkman, Henk Wever and me. You can still find the podcast in our archive if you are curious.

Nowadays I present the programme on my own. I am still enjoying my summer break at the moment, but in a few weeks I am back.

Slowly I am starting to prepare for the new season for which I still need a lot of good new independent music. So if you recorded something recently, welcome to upload it via our upload page. If you are reading this while you are not a member yet, follow the instructions on how to submit your music to TalentCast.

Shawn's Biggest Dream

Shawn Adam Williams
Blues Vocalist; Shawn Adam Williams is officially nominated two Josie Music Awards for Rising Star Male and Song of the Year. After he's been nominated two IMEA Awards for Best Blues Artist of the Year and Best Blues Song of the Year. Please support him and his music!

Desire is around

Ac(e) G
Hello Folks,

I am still on my "Replugged" cycle and have released the second tune to it, named Desire. Basically the idea is: i do fingerstyle, treat the guitar part like an electric, and the percussive sound like drums.

If you would like to know more about it, please visit my website.

Have a great time peepz!



Single out! Here we Stand (the Indian song)

Ronn van Etten
From collaboration we wrote and recorded a single and made a video to it.

"We"  are Ronn van Etten and Mario Walzberg.

 In between other activities we had fun writing and recording this song.

Available through:

Here We Stand is a song written by Mario Walzberg and Ronn van Etten, inspired by a poem written by Madison Walzberg. 

Additional vocals by Linda Beaupain and Vera Walzberg.

Recorded in StudiOjo (The Netherlands) in 2018.

Video editing Ronn van Etten, RonnProductions. 

Drawing artwork by Madison Walzberg.

The new Album 2018

The new Album 2018

Electronic Music at Miami Vice Soundtrack Style...

Last Week on the Voting ,, Miami Theme Beach ,, 

New song "Not Now", new album "Just say KNOW" release May 2018

Here's the unavoidable promo:

Sad news about Georg, owner of our partner radio station Fame Music Radio

Johan Jongerius
Today we received the very sad news that Georg Hegelmann, the owner of our partner radio station Fame Music Radio in South Africa passed away last Monday. It is a big loss for the independent music scene. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Ruta St. NEW SONG!

Ruta St. released her new song this year. You can listen it on Youtube:

Miltos Marathon new album!

Miltos Marathon
We are very excited to share with you that Miltos Marathon new album "Two match " is officially released.

For further informations please visit: 

Thank you for supporting Miltos Marathon.