6th Newsletter of TalentCast

Dear Member of TalentCast,

It has been a while since our last broadcast, and even a longer while since our last newsletter. As you know, we do not like to bother you with newsletters and we only send them when we have something Really Important to tell. And we do now!

TalentCast started off almost exactly two years ago, in August 2007, as a weekly radio programme featuring music of independent artists from SellaBand. After a long summer break, we are back with a new edition of our programme which this time features artists not only from SellaBand, but also from MySpace. Our broadcast times have changed. Our programme is now going to be broadcast not once, but twice a week: on Saturday and Sunday. Check our website for exact broadcast times! Of course, you can also listen to us whenever you want because as usual, our programme is also available as a podcast on Podplaza and iTunes.

There have been slight changes in the voting times and the voting system. Due to the change in the broadcast times, the voting will now start already on Saturday evening at 11 pm and will continue until Wednesday, 11 pm CET. That means that now you have over one day more to cast your vote for your favourite track!

Slight restrictions have been made in order to ensure honest results of the voting. From now on, you can vote just once from the same IP address. Otherwise, the voting works in the same way: log in, go to the voting page and press one of the green voting buttons! As before, the winning track will receive 1) airplay in the following edition of TalentCast., 2) exposure on our website and our MySpace profile, 3) airplay at Ede FM as Song of the Week (min. 40 times).

Why did we decide to expand to MySpace?

For quite some time we have been asked by some of our members why we only played music from SellaBand. Also sometimes independent artists from outside SellaBand who found out about our project asked us for airplay. We felt sad that we had to refuse them just because they were not registered on SellaBand. Also, as we all know, not all artists are able to reach the recording budget on SellaBand. Those who realise that they will never make it often leave SellaBand and that used to mean that they also had to leave TalentCast and we could not any more play their music. At one point, we felt too limited by our own restrictions. We did not want to stop promoting the music we liked. Also, there is a lot of great independent music to be found outside SellaBand, music of artists who found other ways of getting their music out than getting it funded by fans. We feel that by including the music of artists from MySpace in our programme we will make our programme more interesting and at the same time we will reach more listeners.

Expanding to MySpace also means that we have our own MySpace profile: – as some of you might have noticed already! If we have not found you and added you yet, go ahead and add us as a (top! Top! Top!!!) friend.

The more exposure we have on the Internet, the more successfully we can promote your music. If you would like to help promote us, you can

- make us a top friend on MySpace
- place our logo on your website, blog or profile (attention: we have made new, versions of our logo! Now there are four: normal size and small, with a white background and transparent. You will find the codes at the bottom of the Your Settings page. Log in first)
- follow is on Twitter
- tell your fans, friends etc. to listen to us!

If you like, feel free to place our logo on your CDs, posters, flyers and so on. You do not have to ask our permission to do that!

Now that we are back with our broadcast, artists can upload their latest tracks to us. We would like to remind you that TalentCast also promotes music videos. You can upload them to us using the same Upload page as for music.

Both artists and their fans are more than welcome to promote gigs and events on our improved Gigs and Events page. Now that we are expanding, you can expect to reach even more exposure for your gigs through our site. Please use this opportunity!

We have decided to make our Gigs and Events, Messages of our members and Websites of friends pages more attractive. You can now insert links and use varied fonts – come check it out! Inserting pictures and videos is not possible on our website, but feel free to post them (in moderation) on our MySpace profile!

We hope that like us, you are happy with the changes and that you will continue to enjoy our radio show!

Crew of TalentCast

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