5th Newsletter of TalentCast

Dear Members,

It has been a while since you got our last newsletter. We don’t want to add to all the mail you receive every day, so that is why you will only receive a newsletter from us when we have a lot of news to tell!

I remember the last time you all received a message from TalentCast well because that was the day when I joined the crew of TalentCast. After I joined TalentCast as a regular artist member, I realised that some help was needed with advertising TalentCast both outside and inside SellaBand. I am on SellaBand primarily as an artist, but I decided I could spare some time for that, so I offered help and was invited to become a crew member. That was a surprise to me then, as I didn’t expect to be invited to officially join the crew; but I would have been even more surprised if someone had told me that one day I would be by myself making the program, like last weekend!

A lot has happened since I joined the crew. As those of you who follow SellaBand Forum may know already, one of our radio station partners, Sunshine Live, had to close. That is why we have to work harder than before on finding more radio stations that would be willing to broadcast our program. Luckily that is the only disappointment of the past months. We are still successfully broadcast by Ede FM and our podcasts are available at Podplaza and, thanks to DJ Giant, also at iTunes.

But we have more news for you, and it is good news. As you might have noticed on our website, the concept of TalentCast has changed. TalentCast is now not only a radio program, but a project that promotes the independent music of SellaBand artists. Apart from making our weekly radio program, as usual, we can now also promote the videos of SellaBand artists thanks to our cooperation with diverCity – a web TV magazine targeted mainly at young people, which is run by two volunteer editorial teams based in Poland and Germany. You can read more about our partner on our website.

Our website has been adjusted to the needs of our cooperation (thanks to Johan!), and now you can watch the current edition of diverCity on our home page. The previous two editions can be watched on the websites of NGOTV ( and Open Web TV ( The second January edition contains a nice little promo of SellaBand – it is mentioned in the WebCheck section of the magazine. That was also arranged by us.

The latest edition features the first video from a SellaBand artist – “No More” by Nemesea. We chose Nemesea as the first artist to be promoted in diverCity because they are the first band to have reached 50 K and recorded an album with SellaBand. Also, they have just released their CD single (available on iTunes and Amazon) and this video. We noticed some feedback on SellaBand Forum and we are happy you agree that it was the right choice!

Artists are welcome to upload their good quality videos to our website!! And believers are welcome to encourage artists to upload videos to us, in case they don’t receive our newsletters or are not yet members of TalentCast. The best videos will have a chance to be featured in the magazine. The selection will be done by the crew of TalentCast and the editors of diverCity.

Artists are also more than welcome to upload their new tracks to TalentCast! When you place a new track on your SellaBand profile, why not upload it to us as well? And perhaps you would sometimes like to upload your best new track to us first and announce its première to your believers and fans when we play it?

Also, please remember about our page Gigs and Events where you can advertise your gigs! SellaBand Forum, where many artists advertise their gigs, is only open to SellaBand community, but our page Gigs and Events is public. It is a really good idea to post the information on your gigs also there.

We hope that our cooperation with diverCity will bring more recognition for SellaBand artists and we hope for more partnerships in the future. At the moment, we are especially searching for radio stations which would be interested in broadcasting our weekly program. If you are in touch with a radio station that might be willing to do that, please recommend TalentCast! And if you are not in direct contact with any radio station but know of a station that plays also independent music, please send us the link to their website and we will get in touch with them.

You can also help us advertise TalentCast in other ways. If you have a MySpace profile, a blog or website, you can place our logo on it by pasting the following code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="TalentCast" width="166" height="115" border="0" /></a>

An idea for believers and artists who are in touch with new members of SellaBand: would you like to tell them about TalentCast and invite them to join? Every member of SellaBand is welcome to join TalentCast, but maybe not everyone finds us at once and I (Catself) am only able to invite some artists directly. It would be very helpful if you would like to do that!

An idea for artists who make their promo CDs or even full independent albums: would you like to place our logo along with the address of our website on the sleeve of your album? It could get more people interested in us and through us, in SellaBand, and we think it looks rather pretty, so feel free to use it!

And maybe you would like to tell your friends and other people you know about TalentCast? We all know that it is not very easy to explain the concept of SellaBand and encourage people to sign up and support artists. Why not introduce them to SellaBand through TalentCast? It is not necessary to register to listen to TalentCast, there is no need to spend money, set up a profile, write messages – just visit the website and press “play”. Maybe after listening to our program more people will get interested in the concept enough to sign up on SellaBand as well?

To make that happen, we continue to make our program as good and interesting as we can, and we hope that you find it fun to listen to! Now that our latest podcast is available on our website already on Sunday each week, and we are also on iTunes, listening to us is easier than ever – you can do it any time you like. You will find the Podplaza player and the link to iTunes on our home page.

So – enough reading! Enjoy listening! :)

Crew of TalentCast: Catself (writing these words), MissY, Johan, John

P.S. I (Catself) am going to be visiting the studio of TalentCast in March. If you are nearby then and would like to come to our studio and say hi, get in touch!

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