4th Newsletter of TalentCast / October 2008

Dear members,

Welcome to our 4th newsletter.

It's been rather long time ago since we sent our 3rd newsletter, last July. That doesn't mean nothing happened, but it wasn't interesting enough to border you with newsletters.

Many of you have already seen it, our website has changed a bit. It looks a bit different and there are some new futures.

Several members requested us to build in a future witch makes it possible to change the login password for TalentCast. It's now possible. You can change it on the page "Your settings".

The page "Links" is gone. I (Johan) have done some research to find out how to increase the amounts of visitors that comes to our website by search engines. One of the things I discovered was that the page "Links" wasn't indexed at all by some search engines, just because of the name of that page. That page is meant to promote your website, so I've renamed it to "Websites of friends". Hopefully this will solve this issue.

If you want to insert your website on "Websites of friends" too, log in at and go to "Your settings". Almost at the bottom on that page, you'll find the fields to insert your website.

Search results are way better than before. Yesterday my database even complained with "Too much connections". Most good system operators will get alarmed about such messages. I love them, but I'm not a good system operator.

Because our website attracts more visitors than before, it's perhaps now also useful to advertise gigs and other Sellaband events over there. Since yesterday it's possible to advertise your gigs on our website. It's rather empty at the moment, so help us to fill it and make it an interesting page for our visitors. MissY will announce every gig and event on our website in our weekly edition of TalentCast.

Another (hopefully) interesting new thing on the website, you'll see after you've logged in: Just like on Sellaband, you'll see your own profile picture and name. This behaves the same as on Sellaband. When you click on it, it will bring you to your own profile page on Sellaband. Exceptions are radio members (without a Sellaband profile) and members of Sellaband without their own URL at Sellaband).

Last good news for today. Our number of listeners are at least doubled in the last months. It's a guess, because we can't measure it exactly. Two persons who are also responsible for this increase are Walter Mulder: and Steven Maher of Sandbox: They broadcast TalentCast and TalentCast Non-stop at Sellaband Island / Sellaband on Second life, so thank you Walter and Steven.

Many of you are voting weekly for the "Song of the week", thanks a lot. You do the hard working artists a big favor with that. We're sure an artist feels more a winner with more votes than with just a few. So if you don't vote weekly please do, it takes just 1 minute of your time and means a lot for the artists. This week you can vote for:

1. Apryl Evans - Dear Friend

2. Radio Orange - Radio Orange

3. Collaborations project - Phobia (New collab with Monika Thomas, Casper van Vulpen & Kostek Andreev)

4. SolidTube - Home

5. Kontrust - Coming home

6. Sonti Mndebele - Fawodo

7. Wobinidan - Farmer techno

8. Mamuschka - I adore you

9. Simeon - Antiheld

10. Kristensong - Home is a fortress

11. Marcelo Borré - La ultima vez que dorminos juntos

12. Viet Vo Da House - Ru em

You can vote for these songs until next Wednesday 19:00 GMT / 21:00 CET, so there are about 55 hours left. To vote, just log in at and click on "Vote for Song of the week" and select your favorite.

Believers, do you want us to play your favorite Sellaband song? Send your request to studio < AT > You'll hear your request within a few weeks and of course you and our other members can vote for it.

Follow these steps if don't want to receive newsletters of TalentCast anymore:

Log in on TalentCast
Go to "Your settings"
Set "Do you want to receive newsletters from TalentCast?" to "No"

We wish you all the best,

Ynskje (MissY), John, Johan (Crew of TalentCast)