3rd Newsletter of TalentCast / July 2008

Dear members,

Welcome to our 3rd newsletter.

Short summer break:

Because we take a summer break of 2 weeks, we have decided to make a special edition of TalentCast (our 50th) this week. In this edition we have no newwwzzz, no leading ladies, no noisy or more quiet newcomers. We took the stairs down the dark cellars of Sellaband on the search for sleeping beauties that are not in the spotlight, but are well worth listening to. Tune in and we hope to surprise you in a nice way.

3 Songs of the week:

We have promised to Sunshine LIVE and Ede FM to provide every week a Song of the week, because they depend on it. For that reason the voting of this week is for 3 Songs of the week. The 3 songs with the most votes will be our next 3 Songs of the week.

Increased voting time:

Some of our members asked if it's possible to increase our voting time. We've decided to increase the voting time to Wednesday 19:00 GMT / 21:00 CET. Voting still starts at Sunday 08:00 GMT / 10:00 CET.

Zomerse 50 (The 50 best summer hits):

As you now as member of TalentCast we try to plug the band Nemesea ( from our hometown Groningen. We do that, because they proved to be a big success on several radio stations and of course because we love those beautiful people. Especially their song "In control" seems to have a lot of hit potential. Still it's really hard to get attention for artists/bands from Sellaband and we're continuously looking for opportunities to get airplay, perhaps the "Zomerse 50" is one.

The "Zomerse 50" is an interesting charts that's broadcast by at least 100 (perhaps (much) more) local and other radio stations in the Netherlands. We hope this is a good opportunity to promote Nemesea and of course Sellaband. Everyone has the right to send their own top 5 to the "Zomerse 50". The 50 artists/bands with the most votes will come into this charts and gets airplay.

If we can get Nemesea in the charts we have to provide all that radio stations "In control". Hopefully the radio stations will not only play "In control" during the charts, but give them continuous airplay like Sunshine LIVE, Ede FM and Simone FM do now.

If we all together get Nemesea in the charts, we'll try if it's possible to send the cd "Refreshing sound Volume 1" to all radio stations that broadcast the "Zomerse 50". This cd not only holds "In control", but also 9 other songs from Sellaband. You can read more about this cd in the weekly Tribune of May 27 2008. If this ain't possible, we'll of course provide at least an high quality mp3 of "In control".

Perhaps some radio stations are also interested for an interview with Nemesea in which they of course will advertise Sellaband.

Can we count on you? To vote takes just a few minutes and can be a real good opportunity to advertise Nemesea and Sellaband.

Check this link for instructions:

TalentCast at Ede FM:

Since 2 weeks Ede FM has decided to broadcast TalentCast too. You can listen to our weekly radio show at Ede FM every Saturday 15:00 GMT / 17:00 CET. You can find the links to listen at our page "Listen to TalentCast".

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We wish you all a nice weekend/vacation,

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