Please help the makers of our jingles

Hi dear members,

As you know as member of TalentCast, Laïxa and Snelle Fellas have provided the jingles for TalentCast. Because of their jingles our weekly show sounds much more professional. If you appreciate the good work they do for TalentCast, you can you now something in return for them.

Both are candidates for the voting to play at Sellabration '08. It disappoints me (Johan) a bit that these very helpful people are at a low position (8 and 9) in the charts of SellaBration '08. If you're already voting for your favorite band/artist, please continue to vote your favorite. If you don't use your vote at the moment, please consider to vote for Laïxa or Snelle Fellas.

To vote, you just have to visit their profile page at Sellaband. At the left side of the page you'll find the logo of Sellabration '08. Below the logo you'll find the button to vote. You can vote every day.

Profile page of Laïxa:

Profile page of Snelle Fellas:

Of course also your weekly vote for the "Song of the week" at is very welcome. Voting ends next Tuesday at 17:00 GMT / 19:00 CET.

You can vote for these 13 songs:

Cayerio - Move
Sugarplum fairies - First love, last rites
Laïxa - L'ange noir
Cubworld - You make me feel
Annemarie & Amon & Pieps - All night long
Snelle Fellas - I wonder why
Bobby Bell - Every second
Supermassive Quazar - Stuck at 130$
Highway 101 - Bing bang boom
Justin Ossher - The strength of my command
Mike Previti - Little man
Gonzalo Cordovez - Blussy boy
L10 - Turn it up

Have a nice Sunday,

Johan Jongerius