Technical problems at Sunshine LIVE

Hi all,

Some of you already discovered, the stream of Sunshinve LIVE is down today. Of course you'll be able to listen to this weeks edition of TalentCast, because we can provide it ourselves. To listen, you just have to visit our website at and click on the play button below the red text.

Let's use this situation in a positive way. If we can't promote Sellaband on Sunshine LIVE today, let's promote it at I'm almost sure if you all click on the play button at we'll reach the charts of Podplaza and get some attention for Sellaband over there. If you want to help us more, hit the play listen after a few hours again to increase the amount of listeners.

Don't forget to vote after the broadcast. The artists on our play list deserve your vote.

Happy listening and a nice Sunday,

Crew of TalentCast