TalentCast is back and prepared for a new and interactive season

Dear TalentCast Member,

Our first programme for our new, already the tenth season is now online and in a few minutes it will be on air on Ede FM. After listening you are, as usual, welcome to vote for the song you like the most. Like many pages on the website, also the voting page has a new look.

We hope this season will be a bit different than before because we would like to have more interaction with our artists and with our listeners. That is why we launched a little forum, a place where are all of you are welcome to join and start new discussions, about music, about radio and whatever you like to talk about.

If you don't want to take part in discussions and only would like to share artist news or an event, there is still room for that on the website. For that you can, just like before, use our pages "Artist news and messages" and "Gigs and Events". If you also upload your photo at "Your settings", you can attract some more attention for your post in "Artist news and messages", just like on the forum.

In the previous newsletter we told you that you need to use the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE11) to post on the forum. Now we use the same new rich text editor on "Post gig or event", on "Post artist news or message" and on "Your settings". If you cannot upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, try an alternative browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera. If you have any comments or suggestions about the website, please reply in this thread: "Welcome to our brand new forum":

Artists: we have lots of room for new songs in the upcoming programmes. Surprise us and our listeners with your new recordings.

We have a new Videoclip of the Month for September. This time it is "Kimberley", the newest video of Aly Cook from New Zealand. You can watch it here:

Enjoy the new music and come to say hi on our little forum,

TalentCast Crew

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