TalentCast's summer break is over. Welcome to tune in and vote again.

Dear TalentCast Member,

We had a nice summer and we hope you did too. We enjoyed the very nice weather, but we also used this break to improve the website and our server. We are glad to be back again and are full of energy to start a new season, the 8th already.

We got some nice new songs during our break, which we will play in in this week's program. But of course we will welcome much more new music to keep the program interesting for our listeners. If any of you, our Artist Members, has any new songs we don't have yet, feel welcome to upload them to us. If you are at the point to release a new album, perhaps you would like us to host an album listening session with a chat so that you can share it with your fans, friends, our members and listeners. Here you can read more about our album listening sessions:

You might have noticed that the URLs to our website has changed a little. This is one of the changes we made this summer. The website is now encoded and because of that, more safe to use. You do not have to remember the new URLs, as the old ones will continue to work too. When you type an old URL, you will automatically be redirected to the new one.

Another change we made is that our website now supports the new protocol for internet addresses, called IPv6. It is not such an exiting subject, but it is needed to make our website ready for the future.

Artists, we encourage you to post their gigs on our website and this is why:
- they are well visible on our website
- they also get shared on our Facebook page
- we mention most of them in our program
- we give extra airplay to these artists

We hope to meet you again this season, on the radio, on our website or somewhere on the internet. Your votes are again very appreciated. It is much nicer for an artist to win when many people have voted.

Greetings from the TalentCast Crew: Johan and Catself

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