2nd Newsletter of TalentCast / April 2008

Dear members,

For those of you who are surprised about our current website with a lot of advertisement for "In control" of Nemesea, we are promoting Nemesea because "In control" was chosen as best song on Simone FM by their listeners. We've successfully promoted/pugged "In control" on the well listened radio station in the northern part of the Netherlands. Upcoming weeks we'll try to promote/plug "In control" in our whole country. Let's hope we'll succeed.

Some of our members requested if we can put links to their websites on Main reason they gave was a better page rank in search engines. This feature is now available on our website. Follow the following simple steps to insert your link:

Log in on TalentCast
Go to "Your settings"
Almost at the bottom of that page you'll find a field to fill in the URL to your website and a field to give a short description.

Please link also to This will not only give TalentCast a better page rank, but also your website, because links on pages with a better page rank will also get a better page rank. Let's make each other stronger for a better promotion of Sellaband.

Follow these steps if don't want to receive newsletters of TalentCast anymore:

Log in on TalentCast
Go to "Your settings"
Set "Do you want to receive newsletters from TalentCast?" to "No"

We wish you all the best,

Crew of TalentCast