9th Newsletter of TalentCast / Summer break is over

Dear Member of TalentCast,

We are back after a long summer break. For me personally it was a special time, because I bought a new flat. This autumn me (Johan) and TalentCast will move to this new flat. For that reason I probably will need another break. We will keep you informed about that.

This week SellaBand removed over 4,000 profiles of artists who didn't finish their fundraising within one year. To be a member of TalentCast you need to have a profile on SellaBand and/or MySpace. If your profile is removed from SellaBand and you want to continue your membership on TalentCast, can you please send your MySpace URL to us? Artists who start a new profile on SellaBand, please also send your new SellaBand link to us in case we don't discover your new profile ourselves.

Did you know that TalentCast is more than just a website? Frequently we get remarks from people who think we are just a kind of competition website for independent artists. TalentCast is in the first place a radio show. We are broadcast twice a week by Ede FM on FM, cable radio and internet radio. Ede TV plays our radio show twice a week on their newstext page. We also spread our weekly radio show as podcast via our own website, iTunes and many other podcast websites.

Artists, we can always use some new music. If you made new songs and want to share them with our listeners, feel welcome to upload them.

Forgot your password? Here you get it again:

Our first radio show for this season and the voting have just started. Come to listen to the show and vote for your favourite song in the program at

On August 12 we celebrated the 4th anniversary of TalentCast.


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