7th Newsletter of TalentCast / Summer break is over

Dear Member of TalentCast,

We are back on air again after a long summer break. Our radio program sounds different than before because MissY stopped doing the presentation of TalentCast. I will continue the presentation and will also be responsible for the playlist from now on, so after the break we start with a bit different sound and in different style.

MissY, thank you for doing the presentation for almost 3 years.

Our radio show for this week is now on our website ( This week Catself does an interview with Tiffany Gow from Australia ( who has just released her album.

After the long break, we have a lot of good new music to share with you. You will hear two songs from just released albums funded on SellaBand as well as music from albums released independently by artists themselves. Some of the artists we have played will be familiar to you but we have also played new artists who have recently joined TalentCast and uploaded their music to us. You will find different styles of music in our programme. Perhaps it is worth mentioning that a few months ago, after long consideration, we changed the player on our website. Now it is possible to pause, go back and fast forward.

Every member of TalentCast can vote for their favourite song from the playlist. The first voting of this season has just started. So you can already have a listen to our program and vote for your favorite song.

This week you can vote for: 1. Maitreya - Whakakotahi rangatahi, 2. Hunting Ground - Trust, 3. Electric Fence - (I don't wanna) think twice, 4. Inge - Imaginary, 5. Miss James and the Misterz - Tick tock, 6. Talita Summer - Love 4ever, 7. Angel - Esta noche, 8. Tiffany Gow - Death of me, 9. Laïxa - Blood on my hands, 10. The cat that walks alone - Think twice, 11. Keko Yoma - Potito jugueton, 12. Wildcat - Silverbird, 13. No Chance Milly! - Find someone to play your life, 14. Lady Citizen - Sunset loop reprise.

Each voting ends on Wednesday at 11 pm (CET / GMT +02:00). The winning song becomes our Song of the Week and is played in the following edition of TalentCast, featured on our website and played at least 40 times on Ede FM ( during the following week.

Artists are very welcome to upload new tracks to us (min. 192 kbps, please! If you are not sure, send a wav file) and request videoclips. The best videoclip of each month will be featured for the whole month on the main page of our website.

Both artists and fans can post gigs and events on our website. Our gig pages are rather well visited by fans of the artists we play, so it is a good idea to use this feature to advertise yourself or your favourite artists.

A few months ago I added search options to the Gigs and Events pages, to make it easier to find gigs near you and of your favourite artists. Search options have also been added to the page with the playlists. So if you would like to hear one of the interviews again or search for an artist or song, you can now easily and fast find the right podcast. The play button appears directly over the Search result.

On August 12 we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of TalentCast.

Do you like our new program? If you do, please tweet it and share it with your friends!

Johan Jongerius

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