1st Newsletter of TalentCast / January 2008

Dear members,

Let's first explain why every member receives this newsletter and not only the members who requested the newsletter in "Your settings":

When our first (test) versions of the new website were on-line there was no setting for requesting the newsletter, so a lot of our members didn't make that decision.

This is the only mail we will send to all our members, unless there's really serious news!

If you want to receive our newsletters in future, you have to:

Log in at Then go to "Your settings" and set "Do you want to receive newsletters from TalentCast?" to "Yes".

We won't send more than about 10 newsletters a year. Probably much less, I'm not a writer, perhaps MissY is. Let's see.

If you don't want to receive our future newsletters, you don't have to do anything, because the default setting is 'No".

Jingles of TalentCast:

Firstly we want to thank Snelle Fellas ( and Laïxa ( for providing the great jingles for TalentCast. What's a radio program without jingles?

New broadcast times:

TalentCast attracts more and more listeners on Sunshine LIVE (Groningen, Netherlands) ( For that reason Sunshine LIVE increased our broadcast times to 14 hours a week. In that time we broadcast 4 times our weekly program TalentCast, we repeat 1 time our broadcast of last week and we broadcast 9 hours of TalentCast Non-stop in which we also solely play music from the artists of Sell-A-Band.

We also started a collaboration with Razors Edge Radio Central (MN, USA) ( This radio station will broadcast TalentCast 1 hour a week.

You'll find the new broadcast times and the links to listen at:

Charts / Song of the week:

Next Sunday 10:00 (CET / GMT + 01:00) you can vote your favorite song. The song with the most votes will become our Song of the week. The charts will be published exactly one week after the voting has started. At that time our next voting starts also.

The Song of the week will be printed on our website and on the website of Sunshine LIVE.
We will play the Song of the week again in our next broadcast of TalentCast.
Sunshine LIVE will play the Song every 2 hours during 1 week.
Ede FM ( will play the Song of the week twice.

In future we will try to find more ways to advertise the Song of the week.

If you've lost your password:

Don't worry if you have lost your password. It's easy to get it again. Go to "Log in" on our website and click on "Click here if you lost your password." at the bottom of the page. Fill in your e-mail address and within a minute you'll receive your password by e-mail.

Broadcast of January 27:

If everything goes like we've planned, we will have very special guests in our studio next week. Perhaps they will bring a live performance. Yet we don't know if that's possible, but we all do our utmost for it. Live performance or not, we are very proud to have them in our studio and looking forward to it.

Who? Listen Sunday January 27, we're sure you don't want to mis it.

We hope you all gonna listen and vote tomorrow.

Happy weekend and happy voting. Let the best song win,

Missy alias Ynskje van Meurs:
Henk Wever:
John Werkman:
Johan Jongerius:

PS: I've programmed this website on my own during 4 month and tested it as much as possible. I'm just a starting programmer (this is my first serious website), so there is a chance you'll find mistakes. If so, will you be so kind to report them to me? johan < AT >