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Edition: Friday, 4 March 2016
Duration: 01:00:24
File size: 55.3 MB
Music: Ellie Williams - Firefly, Dead Surf Country ft. Lizzie Clarke - Hold on, Mysti Mayhem - Dance, Aryn Michelle - Alleluia, Lee-Leet - Leave it behind, Electric Fence - No smoking around, Snippet - Can I luv you, This Flight Tonight - Summer shortfall, Vero - Day of my life, Writersday - Revolution, Alexx Calise - All night long, Jana G. - Sleepin', DJ Tightlips - Louise (Dedicated to Louise Du Toit), Alphakraft Communications - Freedom of seaman, Yossarian Malewski - Tree sparrow

Last week no new artists joined TalentCast, but we got some nice new tracks from our existing members. You will hear these tracks today, and of course you will also hear our new Song of the Week.

Remember, also you can help us to find a new winner. You can vote for the song you like the most on our website, it takes only two clicks!

For the third week in a row the music will be mainly relaxed and peaceful. We will start in the UK.
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