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Johan Jongerius
Hi TalentCast Members, Since the summer break TalentCast has been... Read more
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Welcome to our brand new forum
Johan Jongerius
Dear all, I have just installed new updates for our website. It l... Read more
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I am into Indie music (unsigned) to be precise.
Anyhow getting into Indie music all began with my Christmas displ... Read more
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Into The Midnight Light
Brian E. Arsenault
Just recently  (I'm Canadian) took up the task of creating a... Read more
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Summer break...
Hi Johan :-) I wish You great, nice time :-) Just asking... - how... Read more
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Stefanie Black 1 Stefanie Black
I love you the way you are
30 Votes
2 Turquoise Rose
Better days tonight
9 Votes
3 Christer Holm
5 Votes
4 Casee Wilson
Bitter fruits
4 Votes
4 Wildcat
Sweet illusion
4 Votes
5 Curfew
3 Votes
6 Leaving Richmond
We found us
1 Vote
About Stefanie Black
Stefanie Black (born in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, nowadays living in Germany) had her first performance already as a little kid of 2 years old. Then, during holidays with her parents, she performed on the stage of a cruise ship.

Later, Stefanie sang in several choirs and entered quite some music performance competitions. Because of these competitions she learned to play a lot of songs, which she recorded and released on several cover albums.

Nowadays Stefanie Black sings in musicals, and plays ballads and soft pop in her concerts. When she performs, she plays covers as well as her own original material. She is also successful in a completely different genre, German Schlagers.
Album tips
Desert Songs
Album cover of "Desert Songs" by Writersday Art-RockFacebook page of Writersday
Number of tracks: 12
Where Do We Go When This Planet's Full
Heaven Can Wait
In Control
Album cover of "In Control" by Nemesea Rock/Gothic/TranceFacebook page of Nemesea
Number of tracks: 10
No More
In Control
Lost Inside
Time To Tango
Album cover of "Time To Tango" by Kontrust Alternative RockFacebook page of Kontrust
Number of tracks: 16
The Smash Song
Play With Fire