Charts of November 17 2017

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Johan Jongerius
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Regan Tucker 1 Regan Tucker
So long
7 Votes
2 Shawn Adam Williams
Motor city woman
5 Votes
3 Gayle Skidmore
Paper box
4 Votes
4 Cris Tanzi
Over the rainbow
2 Votes
5 Coreign
Attack / Dreaming of you
1 Vote
5 Curfew
Counter culture
1 Vote
5 The Ritz Club
The spooky walk
1 Vote
About Regan Tucker
Regan Tucker grew up in Te Awamutu (New Zealand) in a family of farmers, listening to Cliff Richard. In his 20's he decided to run his own farm and moved to Tasmania. Because of droughts and downturn Regan had to sell his farm, and moved back to his native country.

Back in New Zealand Regan Tucker started to write country music and made 3 albums. The title track of his debut album The River reached the 11th position on the independent country music charts in America. The songs How Long and Long Way to Go on his second album reached the first position of these charts.

This week's Song of the Week is a track from Regan Tucker's latest album Stone Cold Country Boy. It's a song about saying goodbye to his farm.
Album tips
Desert Songs
Album cover of "Desert Songs" by Writersday Art-Rock
Number of tracks: 12
Where Do We Go When This Planet's Full
Heaven Can Wait
In Control
Album cover of "In Control" by Nemesea Rock/Gothic/Trance
Number of tracks: 10
No More
In Control
Lost Inside
Time To Tango
Album cover of "Time To Tango" by Kontrust Alternative Rock
Number of tracks: 16
The Smash Song
Play With Fire