Charts of February 3 2008

Charts of February 3 2008
Jennifer Berdetta 1 Jennifer Berdetta
Down on your luck
4 Votes
2 Laudanum Forest
The Asylum
3 Votes
2 Rox Clayton-Scott
3 Votes
3 BulletProof Messenger
Bring me to life
1 Vote
3 Juliana Sparks
Lost to you
1 Vote
3 Mua'dib and the Awakening
Dead song
1 Vote
3 Mysti Mayhem
Gainesville star
1 Vote
About Jennifer Berdetta
Jennifer's clear, emotive & soulful voice is a rare treasure in today's market...her style draws from the great voices of blues, jazz & soul...yet her sound is all her own. A must see!

Jean Taggart, Paris Gazzette
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